Saturday, December 3, 2011

Outlandish crafting

The house is mine again for a couple quiet weeks, and I'm spending every moment I can listening to Outlander on audiobook while crafting. I don't know if it's the book or the projects that are so addicting, but I'm quite fine with it. Except that I really shouldn't be working on my granny-circle blanket and farm sampler and SHOULD be working on Christmas presents! I've got 3 medium projects (4-6 hours each) to make and I'm going to make as many small projects (less than an hour each) to give away to people like co-workers, extended family (they'll get several small presents), the neighbor lady, and so on.

But the good news is there's only one present I HAVE to finish before my mom comes back on the 19th. The bad news is, I really don't want to work on anything but my blanket and cross-stitching.

Here's a quick update on those...

I'm running out of a few of the colors in the blanket. This is because they are either favorites that just get a lot more playing time, or they were itty-bitty yarn balls to start with. To compensate and not end up rotating between 3 colors on my later circles, I've added a couple handspun skeins of a comparable weight and will probably over-dye some pale green today to a couple darker shades.
I'm totally addicted to this little farmhouse. Since this picture I've finished all the windows and have started with the lettering above the house- it is a sampler and therefore must have very doodley letters you know.
It's a wonder this project isn't going faster, considering how much help I have.

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