Sunday, January 29, 2012


In the omnipresent battle with my stash and project count, I feel as though I lost this week. I finished 2 projects and I'm very pleased with myself there, but I started 2 more and bought a ton of future projects.

Let's start with the first stash additions- Wednesday's cross stitch threads. These were a gift from my boss who sometimes brings me back pretty little things from trade shows. She did very well this time...
It's a collection of cotton flosses from Weeks Dye Works. My favorite colors are "Louisiana Hot Sauce" and "Sally's Sunshine", I'm so excited to come up with a project for them!

Thursday brought more stashing with the closing of Needle Fever, one of my favorite embroidery shops. The sales were pretty awesome, so I added to my Weeks Dye Works collection, doubling up on my favorite colors and adding some new ones. I got 2 fall patterns (one Halloween and one Autumnal, non-specific. I love fall colors.) I got a baby pattern because everyone around me is trying to get pregnant and I have a feeling that it's all going to happen at once and I'm going to be prepared. Plus it's about counting sheep and we all know how I love sheep. I got a great deal on a big project's worth of aida cloth and I thought I had done pretty well. I paid, turned to leave and saw the best projects ever- the Pirate Queen and a little pineapple that says "Do Not Mistake Endurance For Hospitality". My parents live in Florida and everyone has pineapple everything down there, so I might make this for their guest room. My dad is totally obsessed with pineapple ownership but my mom is unenthused, so this could potentially be a Father's day present. And yes, I know this is a really strange Father's day gift idea, but he and my Mom are the most difficult people to shop for. Ever.
Got home from work Thursday to see that my plant globes I had ordered from etsy for my air ferns had arrived. I'm quite pleased. I got 2 because I didn't want my little cluster of ferns to be lonely or look so random, but I don't have another air plant to fill the second globe with. Yet. I believe the etsy shop was called Bluebird and Bumblebee or something like that- I highly recommend them.
Thursday night I finished knitting a little surprise for my old Babysitter, Morgane. Since she reads sometimes I won't post it here until I've heard that she's gotten it so I don't ruin the surprise.

Friday night I finished a scarf for Jaclyn. I really just had this finishing spree because I didn't want to make 2 trips to the post office, so they were finished within a day of each other, blocked and shipped yesterday morning. I'm glad to have that scarf done- it's been on the loom since June. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I was a little sad that I had promised to give it away but that sadness quickly turned into a new warp on the loom. Funny how that happens...
Here is the new weaving project- another scarf because I'm boring. The warp is some lovely hand-dyed wool from the Bear Necessities, my favorite dyer in England. The English stash is getting low, and I have all of the yarns I got there on this pedestal which is making picking a project very difficult. I really love this color but I haven't found a suitable project for it yet. First it was socks but I thought that it was just too pretty for my feet. Then it was a shawl, but the colors were just too much with the pattern, then it was a baby cardigan, but I didn't want to give it away- how would the recipient know that it was from the dwindling England stash? Would they care? Would they think that I'm a notch crazier than they previously believed? I have been wanting to do a sock yarn scarf on the loom for a while...
The problem (or thrill?) of weaving is that it's so final. In knitting and crocheting, you have an infinite number of times to change your mind about your project, frog it, and start over. Once you cut your yarn in to your warp, there's no turning back. It's weave or bust, and you hope it turns out like it did in your head. So far it has. The weft is the infuriating not-worsted from the previous post. I really like them together. More on the scarf when there's more than 10 inches of it.
Saturday/Yesterday brought a trip to Castleton for a movie, but since I was there and happened to have 3 coupons for Joann Fabrics, I thought I'd stop in and see if anything tickled my fancy. Hey look. Another dress.
And finally, a green hat. Stay tuned, this one should be fun.

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