Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Project

So the other day when I realized that I was down to 7 (omg!) projects, I finally put two and two together. The world is supposed to end in 2012, I was going to finish all my projects in 2012. So I started a new crochet project last night- you're welcome.

*I do not actually believe that the world is going to end- or at least it had better not end. I'm so close to finally growing out my pixie-cut, it would be a shame to have a proper bob just in time for the apocalypse.
** Nor do I believe that my project count is significant enough to end the world. It might stress me out a bit, but I think that's as far as it goes.

So, while we're on to the new year, I'll share my resolutions.

1. Work harder, play harder. Cut down on Saturday nights wearing fleece pj-pants digging through yarn stash.
2. Be a tidier person. Actually put up my clean clothes instead of putting them on the floor until I wear them.
3. Learn to say NO. As in, "Paige, my car is out of gas and I'm a really bad driver. Can I borrow Bumblebee?" No.
4. Stay under 10 projects. Staying around 5 projects is better.
5. Use a lot more sock yarn, not necessarily on socks.
6. Learn to quilt.
7. Get over hatred of working out. I actually joined a gym and signed up for Zumba classes last month, and I need to stick with it. Jessica- you have my permission to drag me out of my house and take me to Zumba if I miss more than 2 in a row or have a really lame excuse. I always like it once I'm there- I just come up with a thousand excuses in the process to talk myself out of it.
8. Get back in to salsa dancing.

8 projects, 8 resolutions. I think that's fair, right?

Here are a couple updates on projects, since this isn't a resolution blog.

Funky Doily. I know doilies are generally solid colors and lace, but I did just call it a "funky" doily. Yarn is Lana Grossa Cotton Maya from a Valentine's Day swap several years ago. I love the colors, but I'm really not a fan of cotton in anything but baby blankets and potholders, so I've been hoarding this yarn until the perfect pattern comes along. I'm hoping this is it- I think it will look pretty awesome on my nightstand with my lamp and Castle book on it.
Anyhoo, the pattern calls for around 330 yards of yarn and I've got closer to 450, so mine is naturally going to be a little bigger, probably with a fun shell stitch border instead of the suddenly-out-of-yarn slip stitch finishing. I'm 7 inches in now (doily in pattern is 13 inches across but I know that these things acquire 8 more stitches every single row and 7 inches does not mean at all that I'm halfway through.) I worked on it for more than 2 hours last night and it doesn't look like I made a dent on that yarn ball at all.

And then...the cross stitching. This thing is an absolute black-hole. I have been putting around an hour a day in while listening to my audiobook. It takes absolutely forever to make the tiniest difference....but then again, I don't mind. I truly enjoy working on this. I know you're tired of reading about this little project, so I'll cut back on the embroidery posting.
I will say that I f-ed up somewhere and my border isn't going to go where it should and I'm going to have to add another column of sky and leaves to compensate. Oops.

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