Monday, October 15, 2007

1 FO, 1 UFO

Firstly, I'm pleased to say that I finally found the pattern I was using for the Panda Cotton socks and have actually finished them! I finished the actual knitting two weeks ago but finally grafted the toe the other day, taking a 2 minute break from the GD MF-ing Birthday shawl. So, here is a picture of the FINALLY finished Panda socks. I also wore them today and got tons of compliments while running around the dance building in them.

On to the dissapointment. I knitted very long into saturday night but just couldn't get to five feet in the birthday shawl. So, I gave it to my mother on Sunday with the needles still in it, explaining that I just needed another day. Then she told me that she wanted it to be more like 7 or 8 feet. I told her it would have to be her Christmas present then. So here it is, the GD MF-ing Christmas shawl, in all it's cat-hair covered glory.
My mum is coming up to go to the Purdue game on Saturday, so I will try to have this and the Colts purse done for her to take home with her. I will make her take pictures of the FOs so I can put them on Ravelry. That's all for now! Have a great day and go and get your knit on!

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DrLaura said...

love the socks!
i'm Laura 'sockguru' for crystal palace yarns. i'd love to post a pic of your new socks on our blog socks&more, and link to you.
hope you will say yes!
blessings, :L