Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Countdown begins

So I've set a time and a place for studying abroad...August '08, Cork, Ireland. So what does this mean? I've got less than a year to finish ALL my projects, because I plan on coming home with a giant pile of yarn and a new love for aran sweaters in green and creme.

So, thanks to ravelry, I've decided what I'm going to do with the yarn from the million projects I have frogged over the past couple years. So, here's the plan as of 4 minutes ago.

5 skiens hot pink malabrigo worsted...will become a plain old top down cardigan with flower buttons. Serisouly...a hot pink cardigan needs something a little cooler than plain buttons.

6 skiens turquoise lamb's pride worsted...will become a central park hoodie. Same with 5 skiens of off-white Classic Merino from Pattons. Buttons will be shell and coconut.

I will finish that damn birthday shawl. Hopefully in the next week sometime.

I will also finish that damn baby kimono...maybe during Gray's anatomy tonight. I've only been working on it for 3 months now. It's about time to suck it up and finish it...and tell my mum to drop it off at the appropriate recipient on saturday when she comes to Purdue to see me!

I will finish my 2 blankets. This is problematic as I know someone else who really wants on right now, which I really don't feel like starting another blanket for.

I will hope my cousin does not get pregnant before I leave. She has way too many baby knits picked out.

I will finish Mariah. I got close this summer but ended up ripping the most time consuming sleeve in the world out. I will hopefully finish her over Christmas Break.

I will finish all the other sweaters I've started, like Isolde and the Tomboy sweater. Hopefully they will both be done before December, as it is getting to be a bit chilly on campus.

Will also start over on the lotus top that I failed at this summer.

Then I will use up all my sock yarn. That shouldn't actually be too hard, I've only got 6 or 7 different sock pairs I want to make before I go.

I will finish up all my baby yarn and try to Ebay my blankets so I have the money to blow on yarn in Ireland.

That's my knitting goals from now until next August. Completely diminish all projects and stash. That being said, I should note that all of my lace-weight is an exception. I've learned to NEVER EVER EVER rush the lace. Ever. Good thing I've only got 4 skeins.

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