Friday, October 12, 2007

Project Manogomy

SUCKS! At least it did at first. Now this staying loyal to one project is growing on me, and I'm starting to understand why people do it! You get farther every day!

So how far am I?

Not nearly far enough. My mum's birthday is tomorrow, she will open the wrap on sunday and it is supposed to be around 5 feet long (that's average wrap-size, right?). Right now it is almost 3 feet. I would knit all tonight but I'm teaching classes, and tomorrow is filled with Feast of the Hunter's Moon and then the drive back to Indy for the B-day bash.

So, being true to the wrap I haven't touched anything else....but I'm working on a couple patterns to post on the blog so I can be a ravelry designer too!

More soon...including some pictures!

ps. I got an A on my Beowulf/Chaucer exam...yay!
pps. Robert just e-mailed me. Is that regret Robert? It might be...

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