Monday, October 8, 2007

things I've learned

Things I've learned about knitting lace:

1. It requires 110% of your attention. So don't knit during lectures or you'll have to frog it.

2. It does not make good television knitting. I just want to watch my McDreamy and knit my flippin' lace but I had to frog it again.

3. Lace requires it's own traveling bag... where car keys can't catch it and destroy your two feet of lace.

4. Don't knit black lace. You can't see when you screw up.

5. Don't knit lace on a deadline. Especially one that is less than a week away and you are starting over for the 6th time.

6. Don't knit lace for non-knitters (aka muggles) because they have NO IDEA how much you will hate lace by the time you present thier lace stole to them on thier 50th birthday. Not to mention they have no idea how much a cashmere/merino blend costs...especially when you are buying 11 of them. Then there's the time....but I'm not going there.

That being said, I'm almost a foot in. If I knock out another 2 feet today and have it about 4 feet by the time fall break is over...I should have a chance at having it done by the 13th...maybe? I will try to post pics before I head back of the recently finished Panda socks and wooly bowl and talk about the sudden (and unexpected) success of my knitting classes!

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