Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things I never thought I would do...

So...lots of good things and a couple strange things today.

Firstly, I am now finished with 15 of 25 squares for my lizard ridge. I suppose I could stop at 20 and have a normal sized blanket...we'll see when we get there. It would be a lot cheaper to make 5 more squares instead of 10.

I started a new scarf for Nathalie, the lady who put together the China trip of awesomeness. I'm using a mesh pattern to make the yarn go farther and make it interesting enough to not go into hibernation after two days of work. I made the pattern up, but since there's only a few ways of knitting mesh, I'm sure it's been properly made up by someone else. Here's a picture, it's out of the same linen yarn that the red "tequila sunrise" scarf is made of, it's just shiny enough...I really love this yarn. If anyone is interested in how made it, I can write the pattern up. So far it's mindless but enjoyable.

This morning I took my history final for my online course AND AM DONE WITH IT! I can't tell you how happy I am to have that shit done. Now I've got my Postco final next wednesday to worry about. But first....ROAD TRIP! I'm hitting the road saturday morning with a few friends from the China trip to (things I never thought I'd do #1) go to a gay nightclub. One of my best friends from the trip, Chi Chi, is my favorite gay man ever and we hit up as many gay nightclubs in China as possible, and we're continuing to do it here. We're also going to some pie festival which makes me glad I did Thing I Never Thought I Would Do #2, getting acupuncture to lose weight.
I threw my back out the other day doing something that could get me in trouble if I posted here, so I'll just say I threw my back out....rescuing kittens from a fire. Riiiiight. So I went to the chiropractor who also does acupuncture (this is yesterday, not today) and after he did the adjustment, he asked if I wanted acupuncture- normally I say no, needles are for knitting, but I jokingly said, "got anything to help with tomorrow's final?" And he said yes. Turns out they use the same points for nerves and weight loss, so I'm a mellow, slightly skinnier version of my self right now. Already down 2 pounds! It suppresses your appetite so instead of eating the 4-5 meals I day I normally do, I'm down to 2 with smaller portions. It also (no idea how this works) makes you feel miserably full (think Thanksgiving) after a normal-sized portion, and then you don't want to eat for a while. I know this isn't healthy to continue to eat 2 smaller meals a day, but I figured I'd keep it up until after this weekend (pie festival + small halter top for clubbing = not pretty) then see where I should go from there.
So that's about it today... other than my all-night conversation with McTango...yummy. Too bad I have less than a week left at Purdue- is that bad timing or what?

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