Thursday, October 23, 2008

Countdown to London!

Hey there! Here I am, procraftinating again with the help of a new project and a blog. The big news is that I finally (not finally- the entire project took less than 2 weeks) finished the Socks of Dover/Blue Hedera socks! Which of course means, I've started the Guy Fawkes Sawkes in hopes of having them done by the 5th of November (I hope I can remember!) I can just tell they are going to be trouble...
So, I guess to recap on the Hedera socks:

Yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy in the color Lunar Zazzle. Pattern is by Cookie A. from I honestly feel like I let the Dream in Color down- maybe I should have done something else? I just feel- not worthy. The socks are pretty, but I was expecting...I don't know...they just don't feel right. I do have alot leftover- that will go into the mitered square blanket. I'm still only 2 squares in- I have to wait until I finish a pair of socks to make a square.

I also didn't fully appreciate how nice of a yarn the D.I.C. in until I started knitting the Guy Fawkes Sawkes in Plymouth Happy Feet. Yeah, I bought the Happy Feet because it was relatively cheap stashing in the event that the yarn was taken away on the airplane or some other disaster went down, but now that I've spoiled myself with D.I.C., knitting with Happy Feet kind of feels like knitting with flannel. It's just...not great. But the color is perfect for the Guy Fawkes Sawkes, and they are going to London with me on Saturday. Hopefully we will get our picture taken in front of Parliament, or with Johnny Depp at Madame Toussaud's wax museum. Maybe both- who knows!
Hopefully my camera will stop acting up by Saturday's trip- for some reason all my recent pictures are gone and pictures I thought I deleted months ago are back. Hmm. No idea what's going on with it. So the pictures I got of Tom's hat are gone for now, and if they ever come back I'll be sure to post them.

I also met up with Caroline Craftyfox on Tuesday morning at an art gallery/cafe and we got our knit on for a few hours. We were both making socks, and while it felt like I wasn't making any progress at all, the knitting fairy snuck into my bag and knitted a few inches while I was riding the bus back. I just love how that happens. Caroline also gave me a most wonderful and terribly English gift- 2 skiens of Rowan Rowanspun dk in a navy blue that will go perfect with my new coat. I need to find a fun lacy pattern to bring out the best in that yarn. She also lent me a Rowan magazine so I could copy a few patterns without buying the book. I've already picked out my favorite- a ribbed, beaded cardi on size 3 needles. I would have flipped right by it normally, but I did just buy a new skirt that needs a matching shirt. Hmm....maybe the after-Christmas sale rack at Michaels can help me out on this one.

That's about it- I'm feeling a little sleepy and may have a little bit of a nap before I get back to reading Keats. That guy can put me to sleep faster than a carbon monoxide leak.


Jaclyn Bailey said...

I love your new socks! I wish I knew how to knit socks.... but double points scare me! Plus I have really big feet. (womans size 10!) I like looking at yours though! So pretty!

Paige Darling said...

haha- thanks! I totally lucked out with sock knitting: I have itty bitty feet. Seriously- I still buy my shoes in the kids department!

francie said...

Oh, I could use that punk pin!

Paige Darling said...

I'll try to find another one for Nathaniel! I just thought it would be fun for my socks (sawkes) to model!