Saturday, October 11, 2008

A day in the life of a sock

So...I bet you're dying to know what I'm going to knit next...or not. Either way, I'm going to tell you.

I'm doing a couple firsts with my new pair of socks, first time I'm using Dream in Color (Smooshy- in the Lunar Zazzle colorway, bought at the Village yarn shop in Zionsville) and it's also my first Cookie A pattern! I'm knitting Hedera from knitty. com, I figured it was a safe pattern to start with. I got about 3 inches into Pomatomus, also a Cookie A pattern, but it just looked like I was dropping stitches all over the place and I like my lace to look immaculate. I'm kinda finicky like that. (That being said, I also swatched for Bellatrix and it looks like after I HAD to have the custom dyed yarn for Bellatrix, I'm probably not even going to make that pattern with it. I'm thrilled to death with Hedera though, and I'm thinking that the Bellatrix yarn will be Hedera version 2.0, called something along the lines of "Evil Stepsister" to go along with my Faerie Tales class)
But sock and I had a great day exploring Colchester because I just couldn't tolerate another day of laying in bed with a book and a sore throat. We took a walk through the beautiful English countryside:

Then we walked into town with Sere, my favorite Argentinian in the world! We wondered around Colchester for a while, determined to find Roxi's on High Street (that's where my new SnB meets on tuesday nights....I was thrilled to find out we meet in a pub) and found quite a few things, like a naughty underwear shop which we couldn't resist going in- even if we did laugh the whole time. We found a liquor shop that sells Absynthe (apparently that's legal here) and most importantly, a fish and chips restaurant. Sere was determined that she wouldn't like it so we split a meal and sure enough: she liked it! I'm not sure it was love at first taste, but she was expecting to be disgusted and she ate every bite so it wasn't that bad apparently.

We also found Franklin's, the largest yarn store in Essex county and it's totally walking distance from my flat! Woohoo! They have Rowan out the wazoo and it's not all that expensive either. They also have Twilleys of Stamford (that's what the green and purple striped hoodie is made out of) and Sere bought some so I could make her a scarf...which I will get around to-eventually. I really don't want to put down my Hederas right now, and Tom is starting to doubt that I will actually make him a hat. I did buy yarn for his hat so I don't have to use my sweater yarn, plus I think he will like this new yarn's Liverpool colors. They also had this super fuzzy sock yarn from Regia called Softy, and of course that made it's way into my bag aswell. They will be lovely bumming-around-the-flat socks...and I'm just incapable of turning down lime green sock yarn.
*So you know, the new sock is currently called a most imaginative "Blueberry Scone Socks" and I'm having a very difficult time thinking of a better name for it. I would LOVE it if you guys came up with something more creative (but terribly British, of course) and left it in the comments or my Ravelry inbox. I do love my reader's suggestions on things of this nature*

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PegAlex said...

I sooo MISS you Paige! So glad you are enjoying your truly British Romp!