Monday, October 27, 2008

London and Something Embarassing

Happy Monday! As you know I spent Saturday in London and Sunday in pain- but I'll get to that in a minute.

* I don't remember what this building is, but it's pretty*

Sere and I got up far too early and hopped on the earliest bus to the earliest train to London. I was hovering over a hot tea in a attempt to wake up, so I did not knit on the ride there. My knitting did sit in my lap the whole time though. We got off at the London Bridge station and walked over to THE tourist place, the London Dungeons only to find that the line was...a mile and a half long. So we walked across the London Bridge (new one, not the old that Fergie sings about) and headed down the street (or several streets) to see Buckingham Palace. We stood next to the guards and told each other dirty jokes trying to get them to laugh. We got a "Cheers" through closed teeth from one as we were leaving. Mission accomplished, silence broken. It was a bit chilly but the crisp wind and the turning leaves made it one of the more beautiful places I've ever seen. We saw the park where Finding Neverland was shot, and it's spectacular. Perhaps Prince William and I will get married in the would be beautiful for a wedding.

*Picadilly Circus, just after sunset; Caniballistic Zombie Butcher holding sock; Guard with nice hat*

We also did the Princess Diana memorial walk (If you are on facebook, there's an album with about 40 pictures of the trip- I can't put them all on the blog) and that was beautiful. This week? month? is something to do with remembering WWI veterans and there were poppies everywhere. It was beautiful. I bought a paper poppy which is now blue-tacked to my door in attempts to make it look pretty. We also walked around Picadilly Circus (I wore the wrong socks!) and then headed back to London Dungeons so we could get in before it closed. We stood in the line for a little over an hour and were taunted (Monty Python style) by the "undead" characters, and I even got one of them to hold my sock which I had finished about 30 seconds before he came around. He was such a good sport- I'd really feel like a dork if I asked someone to hold a sock and they said no.

We ended the night earlier than expected and it took a little convincing for Sere, but we went and had Balti. It was awesome. It's like Taj of India back home, but I think it's a little more authentic. Plus I love being able to have a glass of wine with my meal- legally. I had a vegetable Balti (big shock!) and Sere had the Chicken Tikka, which is like Indian food for beginners. She approved and I think I may have converted one more person to the Indian food-loving, sock-holding dark side.
So, I bet you're wondering about that "Something Embarassing"? Well, I broke my nose. I won't tell you exactly how it happened since there was a game of beer pong involved and I don't exactly remember how it happened, but I now have a broken nose, 2 black eyes, and Luke's shirt because I got blood all over my own. Isn't he sweet? Not really, but I'm super excited to go see the new James Bond movie with him, Reece and Kam on Friday- that's guys have to wait until November 9th or something and I get to see it Friday! Woot! I'll try not to spoil it too much, Janet and Mandie. But mostly Mandie.


laurie said...

ewwwwwwwwww YOUR NOSE. it hurts just to think about. did you hit yourself with the paddle? hehe. did you get to see the jewels your were at your and williams wedding at the tower of london? nice london pic's glad you have fun and was all touresty(sp?).

Jaclyn Bailey said...

Other than the broken nose.... sounds like you had a good time! Lucky you!