Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Day!

Yay! Today is awesome!

The start of today was not a promising one, but it's turned around rather quickly once I got moving.

Today started with some jackass pulling the fire alarm at 4 am. Did I mention that he or she was a jackass? So there was a good half hour of standing outside huddling with Luke to stay warm- okay it wasn't that bad. If you've got to be dragged out of bed by a 4 am false alarm, there better be a cute guy to huddle with once you get to the bottom of the stairs. Later, got back to the room, couldn't get to sleep, so I played on ravelry and read Mansfield Park until it was time to get up.

Had a pop quiz on Mansfield Park (there was only one question I couldn't answer, it was "Who was the landscaper at Mansfield Park?" My answer was "Roger the Shrubber"- I figured if I had to be wrong, I may as well be amusing) and later got into argument with teacher about the theme of morality in Mansfield Park. Considering I've got quite a bit of Jane Austen under my belt, I am NOT a person you want to argue with about anything Jane Austen. He actually looked a bit defeated at the end of the seminar. Paige 1: Musselwhite: 0.

Went to history class....bleh...wishing I hadn't stayed up since 4 am....class was over and I walked out the door to find..wonderful. Sleet. That's totally what my broken nose needs. I should probably mention that while it is getting less and less painful everyday, the bruises are suggesting otherwise. They are spreading and getting darker- I should really go as a zombie for halloween and not take the busted-up playboy bunny route I currently plan on taking. Zombies wear more clothes, and being warm sounds quite nice right now.

On the way home it hit me: Tonight is movie-night with Luke! We're watching Casino Royale again so we can be all caught up for tomorrow's show, which I will try hard to not spoil. Got back to the appartment after happy realization yarn from France is here! Yay! And so is my new credit card- mwahahaha! But I'm thrilled to death with this yarn. I took a few glamour shots for you guys...

For those who missed it, I will be designing socks with Maylin's wonderful yarn for the Knit 1, Dead 2 group on Ravelry, in other words, people who knit and watch True Blood. The middle yarn (yellow and pink) will be representing Sookie Stackhouse, the telepathic heroine, and the one on the right with the orange will be for Lafayette, the gay drug-dealer. He has some of the best lines in the show- it would be wrong to NOT give him a pair of fabulous socks. The green yarn was just something for me- it's a wonderful merino/bamboo blend and it might end up being Rivendell socks or perhaps Falling Leaves. Whatever it ends up being, I love the earthy colors with the subtle shine. Maylin does a wonderful job with her colors.
More big news: Clay got into Ball State! Woohoo! Ball State isn't his first choice, but he won't hear from his first choice (Purdue- Boiler Up!) until nearly Chritmas, so it's great that he's got a backup plan. I know he's definently NOT reading his older sister's knitting blog (because that would be dorky) but congrats anyway, baby bro.
I'm out- gotta get some naptime in before reading and snuggle- I mean movie time. If I don't write tomorrow (I'll try to do a quick pre-party picture posting) then HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Anonymous said...

I think you've gone a bit nutty.

Jaclyn Bailey said...

Maybe you could use both of your ideas and be a zombie playboy bunny! Just a thought!