Thursday, October 16, 2008

Grumble grumble

So it's been a while since I gave you guys a proper post, hasn't it? Sorry about that. This Freshers Flu has overstayed its welcome and classes are starting to get...time consuming. As in, read this book and we'll talk about it tomorrow. Bleh...why didn't I study something without hundreds of pages of reading every night?!

So there's not a ton going on, just classes and stuffy noses and of course, my trip to Colchester for the Tuesday night SnB that you're dying to hear about! It was really fun! The 2/3 of a sock and I left around noon and decided to spend all day shopping before the 7.30 SnB at Roxi's bar on High Street. So I walked an hour and a half (which isn't so bad when you've got an Ipod and a beautiful day) to Colchester with my purse/knitting bag and started window shopping. My only real mission for the day was to find a Waterstones and pick up a book or two (I finished "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" on Tuesday at a French Bistro with very expensive soup) and start getting ideas for Christmas presents (I do that- I am fully aware that it's not even Halloween).

I found a Cd store and was thrilled to find the sale rack was covered with music that I (and apparently nobody else) like and picked up P!nk's "Not Dead Yet" Cd aswell as the latest Killer's Cd. P!nk's Cd is very political and even more femministic (is that a word? It is now.) and the Killers Cd may have very well be put together during one long-ass acid trip. That being said, I love them both. Moving on...
I did find that Waterstones and spent enirely too long looking in the wrong section for the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire series. Yes, I am aware I am a giant dork...I guess Buffy ended too soon. I bought what I thought was the first of the series, but after 10 minutes of reading about characters that aren't in the show yet, I figured I picked up the wrong one. Sure enough, I now have the 6th book, and none of the others. Great. I'm just going to have to put on my blinders with the Ravelry forums.
I was having a lovely time window shopping and around 5 I noticed that all the stores started closing, which did not work with the "shop till you knit" plan, and I ended up going to Roxi's bar about 2 hours early and sitting at the bar and talking to the Polish bar tender. It was all small talk until she realized I wasn't Australian like she thought, and then she began to tell me how much she hated President Bush. Join the club, Polish bartender. After her slightly anarchist rant, we started talking about less political things, which was refreshing. Since I came to England, everyone has wanted to speak to me about Bush, Obama, and of course, Sarah Palin (groan). Sure enough the knitters started coming and, and with them, reporters for the Colchester Gazette. So I've been in England for 3 weeks and am already in the newspaper! Woohoo- I just wish I had worn a little more makeup because they took ALOT of pictures of the blue Hedera sock and I. (Sorry for crappy pictures- it didn't even occur to me to take pictures before dark set in)
The SnB at Colchester is alot bigger than the one back home, but it's funny how similar they are. I instantly picked out replacement Janet and replacement Mandie, and eventually I figured out who the replacement Laurie is...I'm still working on the others. It's amazing how much like home a bar full of knitters can feel like. I managed to make most of Tom's hat (I made the mistake of giving him the hat on Tuesday night and haven't seen him obviously no pictures. ) It did turn out nicely for just an evening of knitting. I even made it Liverpool colors for him.

That's about all for right now...I still have a lot of reading to do and I'm debating taking my laundry to campus and washing it while reading some more of the Lyrical Ballads-bleh. I can't wait until we start getting into the good Literature...

Here's a picture of the stash that somehow continues to grow despite my knitting socks like it's my job. It's amazing how that happens.


janet said...

I've been replaced?! :(

Paige Darling said...

eh- not really replaced. This cold medicine hasn't got me thinking very clearly- it's more like I've found the British version of you, that will just have to do until Christmas break.