Monday, August 3, 2009

Handspun = Happy

I've been in a bit of a slump with all things crafty lately. Those of you who attended the McAllisters SnB on Thursday know that the slump was bad enough for me to throw my lace on Janet's potato. (I really didn't mean for it to land on your potato, I merely found the best way to show my aggrivation with it's bull$%*& chart was to throw it. The potato was merely an innocent bystander)

You see, I haven't had a single row of knitting go right in nearly 2 weeks, and it's got me all sorts of messed up. I'm losing motivation to do other things, like leave the house and dry my hair. It's bad.

So I'm spinning. I'm taking a brown laceweight llama break and decided to bust in to the light green wool/mohair/sparkles that's been flirting with me since I got home in June. And a couple days later, I've got my first few ounces of it spun, plied, and turned in to a beautiful yarncake. I was so happy with it, I decided to take its picture immediately. Since the sun was in the right place and the cat was nowhere to be found (and Mercury and Venus are alligned and the arrangement of cars in my driveway is ideal, etc.) I decided to go back up to my handspun stash (which I have been trying to pawn off on people- it's not working) and take pictures of some of my favorites and then give them Shakespearian names on Ravelry. Here's a few of my favorite pictures, the rest can be found in my stash on Ravelry.
Cymbeline: Wool, mohair & sparkles
top: Benvolio, cotton thread spun six strands at a time, then plied. bottom: Puck, merino plied with contrasting threads
top: Balthazar, merino from Lucy (Bearium on Ravelry) bottom: Queen Mab, merino from Crafty Monkeys
Prospero: angora blend, batt from Fuzzarelli Fibers

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