Friday, August 14, 2009

yarn diet FAIL

I was doing so well with my yarn diet until Mandie Tweeted me from Sock Summit last week and asked if I wanted anything from Sock Summit. Der! Yes! So after an hour or so of panicky tweets and texts when twitter was down, I finally told her that I liked green. And purple. And NOT yellow. And the rest was up to her. She didn't let me down. She got me two Socks that Rock mill ends of special Sock Summit colorways, and they really do ROCK!And I finally got to the State Fair on Tuesday where I got to see my ribbons (got a blue ribbon-first place for Sheree's wedding shawl, and a pink ribbon-fourth place for my Lizard Ridge crazy blanket). While I was there I checked out the sheep barn and the wool room, and somehow a small bag of fiber found its way in to my bag. I didn't even have time to take a picture before I started spinning it, and one movie later, BOOM! Plied yarn. It went so fast, I just can't seem to remember why I only got 4 ounces. I really like the plied yarn (wasn't crazy about the singles) it's Tunis wool, mohair, and copper sparkly things. Whaddya think?

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francie said...

Love it! Love the sparklies!