Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Craft-astrophes and Feasts

So you know that crazy big craft fair that I've been furiously knitting for? I missed it. The lady putting it together gave me the wrong date, and then called the day after (which I thought was the day before) and yelled at me for not showing up at my booth. I checked my email and sure enough- she had given me the wrong date 3 times. Here's a baby hat that I made for the fair that I think turned out especially cute.
So does anyone need a baby blanket? I took them to a boutique-y place where they look lovely on the shelves, but I'm not doing as well as I'd hoped there either. They called and raved about the cupcake hats and a scarf and the baby blankets and requested more hats, but when I went today only one hat had sold. So now I'm REALLY in the hole having paid for 2 booth spaces and of course all the of yarn I bought to make the blankets that I've been cranking out for 2 months. So that's what's happening on the knit scene.

Thank goodness I go to Florida in 12 days. Not that I'm counting or anything.

I also went to the Feast of the Hunter's Moon this weekend, which is always one of the highlights of my fall, which is my very favorite season. I went with Bam Bam because we're trying to be friends and I really wanted someone else to drive so I could knit mittens on the way. More on those later. Anyhoo, we walked around, we ate a variety of apple-based products (meat on a stick isn't really my thing) and we chatted with lots of people. I was wearing one of my favorite knitted wraps over a big fleece to stay warm, and I had the good fortune to run in to many knitters in this fashion. I had a lovely time talking to people and it turns out that I've been buying witchballs and almond soaps for years from a dyer that I'm working with through work. Small world, eh? Anyhoo, got more of her lovely soaps and a lovely witchball to add to my collection. In my dreams of my someday/grown-up house I have them lined up in the kitchen window like a curtain. I also scored some fun beads that I will make in to ornaments and a little hook that you put on a wall with a sheep on it. Someday, in my grown-up house, I will hang that sheep hook on the wall and it will hold something fabulously woolly. Here's a blurry picture of my finds from the Feast, as well as some fiber-related pics from the event. I didn't buy anything fiber related this year- my usual roving lady wasn't there this year. I hope she's back next year, I've got a crush on her BFL. Bam Bam got a lecture from a dyer there on the wonders of natural dyes, and he seemed genuinely intrigued. Which is odd, because when I explained it, it was the most boring thing ever. Bam Bam also had a near death experience at the Feast. By that I mean I nearly killed him- he whined to every knitter that we chatted with about how I won't make him socks. Really? You got drunk and destroyed my kitchen and now you think you deserve socks. Like I said, we're trying to be friends but I'm not sure I can handle him.
After the Feast we met up with my best friend in the whole wide world, Ben. Ben, who has earned several knitted hats and wears and loves each of them, understands my frustrations. I think I might make him another hat. Anyhoo, we all had a wonderful Thai meal on campus at Purdue and then went to one of those paint-your-own-pottery places, which is a regular Paige & Ben activity. Bam Bam made a travel mug, Ben made a non-travel mug, and I went crazy and made a bowl. I find myself using bowls more and more as they're great ways of storing current small projects, especially if there's beads involved. Here is my bowl (pre-fired) with a current sock project that WILL be done before I go to Florida in 12 days. I also have a small list of other projects that WILL be done. Want to know why? Because I'm going to start some fabulous new ones on the flight down there.
Did I mention that those new projects are going to be fabulous?


Kim said...

Of course they will be fabulous projects. They will be nice warm Florida projects instead of cold rainy Indiana projects.

I might have to steal the idea of those balls for the kitchen windows, but I also have grand plans of handmade lace curtains for my kitchen windows once we have a house. I'm sure I could incorporate the two together somehow, though.

Paige Darling said...

I also have grand plans of filet crochet curtains for my kitchen window with the names of herbs written out towards the bottom. Maybe there will be multiple kitchen windows? Or the witchballs will be front room window decorations? Who knows. I just want my own place so I can decorate it!