Sunday, September 18, 2011

T minus 5 Days

I am now five days away from my craft fair, and I'm starting to feel pretty good about it. I made a cupcake hat today (new yarn, bigger pain in the butt but much softer- might be worth the trade off) and will hopefully finish 2 baby blankets tonight while honoring HBO night. I'm super-pumped about the new season of Boardwalk Empire. I also finished a little sugar-plum hat yesterday (pictured here with Apple and Pumpkin) and after a few more little projects, should go in to the this craft fair feeling pretty good. I just hope it's nothing like the craft fair where people told me that the blankets were cute, but they wouldn't pay more than $20. It's hard to be nice when people expect you to sell a blanket to them at even below your costs. Want something cheap? Walmart is down the block. I sell things so that I can buy more yarn and put a little away in savings- if I wanted to give something away I'd take it to Goodwill and then write it off my taxes.
And in case you couldn't tell, I'm REALLY excited to have this craft fair over with! I'm putting together my totally selfish knitting bag for my trip to Florida on the 9th (I like to get things done early and then have it ready in case I think of things I need to add to it). So far the plans for trip knitting are a Baby Surprise Jacket out of the beautiful sock yarn that didn't want to be a shawl, a pair of cabled mittens that are also made out of sock yarn, maybe the start of a new sweater but I'll only take one or two hanks of yarn, and then my fabulous Halloween cross-stitching that I'm itching to get back to! Bam Bam also thinks he's still getting a hat and socks. The socks are not happening. But I've already put the yarn and needles and pattern in a bag and in the queue for knitting, so that might happen before the end of the year. But I'm certainly in no rush to get to that. I'm just excited to have the leftovers to add to my sock blanket.

Plus on a selfish knitting side note (I keep thinking that I'll be better about finishing things if I announce that I'm going to finish them on the blog) I intend to have the shawl I started in Vegas DONE before I start any of my Florida knitting. I really just need to figure out how I'm supposed to only have 50 something stitches on a side that is clearly over 130 stitches. And then of course do the crazy lace piece once I get a more appropriate number of stitches picked up.

Oh, oh! And then do you want to see another project I'd like to do? Check these pillows out- they're fabulous! I've been really crushing on these Kaffe Fassett pillows I saw in my Martha Magazine. Tapestry isn't normally my thing, but I said I'd never do any holiday-specific cross stitching either and look where that got me. Here's the link ( Just be prepared to hide your credit card before clicking- so many pretty things!

Well, I'm going to go try to finish a couple more baby blankets while Madeline works on her bikini body. Happy crafting and have a wonderful week!


deb said...

luv those little hats, so cute.

Bonnie said...

Am catching up on some blog reading--I'm sorry about the break up but really happy that you seem to be okay. Your craft fair projects are great! I'm pretty sure my niece needs a cupcake hat. (Going to ravelry to queue now!)