Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spoken Too Soon

It's bound to get out eventually, so I'm just going to put it out there and be done with it. Bam Bam and I split up yesterday. We really didn't date all that long before we got engaged, and once we started getting in to the knitty and the gritty, we realized that we have entirely different ideas on a lot of "the big things", you know- financial management/responsibility, how much is acceptable to drink, how many animals is too many animals, why the house needs to be clean if you have a lung disease and a couple cats, etc. It wasn't a nasty or overly dramatic break-up, but it's over now and that's okay. We both have a lot of working out of our individual kinks before he and I could functionally be with other people. I also have a lot more things I was hoping to accomplish before I became part of a couple for good, and he and I just didn't share the same goals and ambitions. So it's over and we're okay.

And I'm really looking forward to MY pair of charcoal worsted weight socks to wear under my stiletto boots this winter. And I totally just booked a flight to go see my Mom in Sarasota for the second week of October, so I'll be pinching my pennies for a little yarn shopping since I've been super-frugal in the personal arts & crafts department this year. Plus a little sunshine in October would probably do me some good.

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Anonymous said...

Does "A Good Yarn" need a class in October? Just an idea...