Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hats and Milestones

Firstly, thanks to the wonderful readers that offered suggestions about the shawl. It has since been frogged and will be used as a warp for a scarf, the weft will be undyed sock yarn. I just love that combo for some reason. That being said, I still have Jaclyn's scarf on the loom, and won't be touching anything non-craft fair related for 2 more weeks. Plus maybe a couple more weeks after that, I've signed up for another craft fair because I'm a looney and have gotten several orders since then. I really can't complain though- orders mean money which means I am that much closer to moving in to my own place.
Secondly, I am going a little nuts with the baby hats. I'm having a great time with them- I'm trying not to do many repeats, so each little hat is still quite fun. I'm working on my favorite style- Ogre baby- right now, but here's a pic of what I have so far. I hope to have at least 12 ready for the craft fair (currently working on #6). I also would love to have 9 baby blankets done for the craft fair, and hope to finish the 8th this evening during True Blood. Grr baby. I have enough yarn to do 11 blankets, but probably only time for 9. Oh well- it's not like they go bad, and I'll just add them to the stash for people that sneak up on me with babies I didn't know about. I'd also love to make a plastic bag holder or two for the show. I love mine and use it all the time, maybe someone else will like them too? If not, more for me.

Thirdly, Bam Bam and I hit a little milestone in our relationship Friday evening. He and I picked out yarn for his first pair of hand-knitted socks. Okay, it might only be a milestone for me, but I was really pleased with how involved he's trying to be with these socks. We (and by that I mean I) decided on a worsted-weight superwash wool so that they go quickly and won't be accidentally turned in to a shrinky-dink in the dryer. I explained that these will be a tester pair of socks- much like training wheels. We've had numerous conversations around the lines of "you'll get socks when you start cutting your toenails" and so far, he's filled his end of the bargain. And so we bought yarn. But I'm still not taking *that* big of a chance- he's getting worsted weight socks until he earns fingering weight socks.
The yarn we picked out is a Lion Brand superwash wool/cashmere (just a smidge) and nylon blend. He likes the color, I like the gauge. I haven't had the best taste in my mouth when it comes to Lion Brand ever since my attempt at frogging and re-knitting Homespun, but they're really starting to impress me with some of their higher end yarns from the Lion Brand Studio. I looked up this yarn on Ravelry and no complaints so far, so we'll see. I did tell Bam Bam that his socks are going to have to wait until after the craft fair, post-fair orders, and I need to finish up a green and pink sock before I'm even looking at his socks. I will try to have them made by the time he starts shoveling snow for his friend's landscaping company this winter though. I'm not THAT mean.


Anonymous said...

The hats are all adorable.


Jaclyn Bailey said...

No stress on my scarf. Those baby hats are flipping cute! Go Paige Go!

Kim said...

Loving that cupcake one :)