Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another year's ending

I like to use the end of the year as a time to wrap things and up finish the things I've been putting off. There's a few more projects I had hoped I'd have finished by now, but I'll get over it. I started 2011 with 87 projects, and I'm pleased as punch to be starting 2012 with 7 projects. Total. Okay, there's one work project but that doesn't really count. To me at least....

Since there's one big project I'm going to try to finish today, I'll blog briefly. Here's the projects I've finished recently...

Tiramisu Baby Blanket in Baby's First- cotton blend with pink satin ribbon.
This has been sitting on the corner of my desk for a couple months waiting to be finished. Glad to have reclaimed that spot again!
Christmas Kate for my Mom using Cascade 220 and some purple mystery wool I dyed a few weeks ago.
Sigma Nu Hat for Clay. He threw a fit when I tried to get a picture of the hat, so he is off the knit-list.
Magic Octopus Socks. Yarn: Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock. Color: Octopus Garden. Started on way to Harry Potter theme park, finished while watching Harry Potter 7.2 received for Christmas. Gotta love circular projects!

And here's the projects that I'm going to carry with me in to the new year...

High-Maintenance Mittens. I had hoped to finish them before the first snow, but then cupcake hats and cross-stitching happened and I lost momentum. After I finish my cross-stitching, this will be my new Outlander project. That being said, it might be May before I finish the cross-stitching and then June before my mittens are good to go.
Another baby blanket...Encore Worsted. I keep these things stashed- you never know how short of notice babies are going to give you.
I love this blanket...need to finish work project before I get back to this...
Biohazard Sweater. I think it's too big- I need to put it on scrap yarn, try it on, figure out how much I need to rip back, bite the bullet and do it. Then keep knitting until I have a sweater.
Sock yarn blanket. Meh.
Woven Scarf for Jaclyn. I'll get there. I need to just sit down and not get up until it's done. It might take all of 3 hours- tops.
And the black-hole of time cross stitching. I love it. I only have to finish the top bit and then do the border. That should *only* take about 20 more hours. Seriously- why do I like doing this?!
So that's the last post of the year. Stay tuned for resolutions, project finishing, and then little bursts of new projects. Happy New Year!

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