Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1 week, 2 finished blankets

Hey there! Paige here, waiting for the novocaine to wear off from the appointment that took place 3 hours ago so that I may go to Blockbuster and return a movie, rent another, and order a sandwich without drooling all over myself.

So after knit night last thursday I moved the lavender sage blanket from the craft room to my bedroom, which automatically put it in "Not going back into hibernation" mode, and then after renting "Stranger Than Fiction" (Which I really liked, even though it had Will Ferrell in it) the blanket moved downstairs in front of the tv and was then shifted into "Not even going back upstairs before completion" mode. So...since I got home I started working on it and then decided that even though I had not finished all of the yarn, it was plenty long. So I finished it. Here are its glamor (or glamour- I am moving to England, you know) shots with a bouquet leftover from the funeral and an amythyst from Brazil.

And here is another shot of it in its new home, the "crochet acrylic blankets and poker chips" cabinet.

I guess this means I have to get back to work on the radio station doily....darn.


jackryan05 said...

I think everyone has a "item A and unrelated item B" cabinet.

Mine is the sweater and magazine shelf.

laurie said...

oh my i give stranger than fiction a thumbs down...and it just wasn't because of will ferrel.

pretty blankets....
meant to mention for last post sorry about your party, maybe you'll run into a cat guy in england.