Friday, September 5, 2008

Done. Done. And fingers crossed.

So...for those who weren't at knit night:

I finished the Lizard Ridge last night. It was pretty awesome. I actually kind of miss it though...those little squares were very nice to carry around in my purse. I need to wash it and block it again now that I've put it all together and crocheted the border. Here it is, with my cat modeling it. Seriously, I can't keep the cat off of it. I am glad that she likes it, I am not so glad that it is a day old and already had 2 pounds of yellow cat hair on it.

I also finished (this is old news by now) the red CPH. I am thrilled to death with it, too. Fits, I think it looks good and used up nearly all of my red rowan. And used up most of my Celtic knot buttons...which also pleases me. The only way I could love this sweater more is if it were all one dye lot.'s on the back and I can't see it. Here is the worst of the pictures, the one in which I appear to be stoned out of my mind but unfortunately, am not.
Which means my project count is starting to dwindle down a bit...again. This happens and then a bad week happens and the project count spikes.

I currently have on the needles (that will be finished by the time I leave for England)

3 pairs of socks, all at halfway or more
1 afghan, getting close to finished
1 baby blanket (would like to make 3 or 4 before I leave for the purpose of inventory)
WJBsomething or other radio station doily
2 hoodies, 1 of which will likely be donated to goodwill for being fugly but still a UFO
1 sweater
1 scarf; needs an hour of knitting but 3 or 4 of spinning to finish

Things that have no chance at being finished before I leave:

3 year old Mariah sweater from knitty

Doable? Only time will tell. And by time I mean not quite 3 weeks. Game on, knitting.
I also submitted what I really hope is the last of my Visa paperwork for the British student Visa. I really hope I had everything, but knowing the government, something tells me I will be without a passport and visa the day I need to leave for England. But it's out of my hands now.

And as for the catwoman costume, anonymous commenter: You will see it when I am good and ready to dress like a whore. And that's not today.

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You say whore like it's a bad thing.