Monday, September 15, 2008

Just being lazy...


So...I'm not making a lot of progress on anything. I've turned the heel in the Miss Match sock but considering how far I got on Saturday, that's not really a surprise. I just need to find the motivation to finish it.

I started a tank top for my mom about a week ago and am almost up to the armholes, but am too lazy to figure out how I want the rest of it to look. Meh...novelty tank tops...not my fav.

Haven't made it to the decreases on the second sleeve on the lavender/sage hoodie yet, but I did find some awesome buttons on clearance today at Joann. When I remember to take pictures before the sun sets, I will take progress pics with the new sparkly buttons.

Am finished with the lettering and almost finished with the decreases on the WJBC AM1230 doily, and it took waaaaaaaaay longer than I thought it would. Not looking forward to the border. Am looking forward to being done with it.

A distant cousin (mom's mom's sister's daughter-in-law) had a preemie today and turns out none of the hats I made her a few months ago fit. So I cast on for another at the request of g-ma Rosie. That shouldn't take too long at all.

Artichoke socks are slowly sinking into hibernation....which is not a good thing. I really don't want to take them to England, and I know I need to rip out a few inches (including the heel) to set it straight again, I just really don't want to. I'm in a bit of a knitting rut right now.


Found a grey peacoat today at Burlington, which should help with the wonderful London weather. It should also go with just about any scarf/hat/mittens ever knitted, so that's a plus. I was tempted to get purple, but I figured that would set me back in all my efforts to become a grown-up. And it wouldn't actually match anything.

Got bras on sale today! Woohoo! Since I have stopped growing (physically) UP, my body has started growing OUT, which means absolutely nothing fits right now. But now I've got 3 bras that really do, and that's a relief. Seriously...the bras I've been wearing are waaaaaay too snug.

I'm so looking forward to Wednesday....goal is to finish 2 things before we hit the road! That way I won't feel so guilty looking for Panda Cotton.

P.S. I have decided that I need more Panda Cotton, as I am wearing my socks right now and wondering why I only have 1 pair of Panda socks. Must change that.

P.P.S. Still no Visa. Am starting to get a little nervous...

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Jack said...

I was desperately trying to figure out something witty to say about your bras no longer fitting and failed miserably. It was such a great opening and I blew it. I feel like such a failure.