Sunday, September 7, 2008

Some days you are the bird, some days you are the statue

And I am feeling a little more statuesque than normal.

I went to a party in Lafayette with my friend Andy last night. Which means I pissed off my boss by requesting today off even though it's a sunday. I went to the party, was having a great time with this guy that was there and Andy pulls this guy aside and tells him that if he doesn't leave me alone, Andy would break his ribs.

Great. So cute guy left because he didn't want his ribs broken. 2 hours later: New cute guy comes and we start chatting and Andy, once again, tells the guy if he doesn't leave me alone then he would break his ribs.

Very mature Andy. So I've driven 2 hours to get to this party, taken off work and now nobody will come near me because they are afraid of having their ribs broken by Andy. Fuck. So I left and drove the 2 hours home. Got home around 4 am, went to bed.

E-mailed cute guy #1 saying sorry Andy is the world's biggest asshole, please come with me to the Superhero party, I will be dressed at Catwoman.

E-mail ten minutes later: Superhero party has been moved to the 27th, which is of course, the day I leave for England.

FUCK! Why does the Universe hate me so much? I JUST FINSIHED buying all the parts for the catwoman costume ($100) and now I will never be able to wear them. Now I just feel like an idiot because I have been looking forward to this party all summer. I should have known- as soon as something good is about to happen, it goes terribly wrong. Every. Single. Time.


Anonymous said...

Well that seriously SUCKS.

I can't imagine why a guy would do that. I can't imagine why anyone would be that much of a jackass.

Sorry about your party. I know you were really looking forward to it.

jaclynbailey said...

That sucks that Andy was such a dick! And I am sorry that you are going to miss your superhero party. But hey, look at the bright side.... you may miss your party, But you will be on a plane to Europe!