Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Doilies and Emo Pastries (this may offend some people, but now you've been warned)

So I finished the doily of radio station awesomeness last night after Stephen Colbert and woke up this morning to starch it to the point that it could singlehandedly stand up to hurricane Ike. Mission accomplished. (Pictures below) While I was heading back upstairs, my mom asks me...."could you do me a little bitty favor?"
"Could you make me some sandwiches?" Sure, that's entirely do-able. How many?

60 Sandwiches. I guess she was hungrier than I thought. Turns out she volunteered me to make 60 bagel sandwiches for the JV and Varsity soccer team for my little bro's game in Bloomington tonight (Go Bears!). So..yeah. 2 hours and 60 bagel sandwiches later, I was about to miss Miss Elphaba's** appointment for her yearly checkup. Shit! Ran upstairs, tripped upstairs, somehow pulled a muscle in my foot (I don't know how it happened, either) put on some decent clothes and some make-up and drove to Tom O'Brien to get Miss Elphie worked on.

(You know what they say about big doilies? Yeah, me neither)

But it's never just an oil change, is it? Of course not! It's a leaking valve and replacing brake pads too! Whatever....I'd rather pay a little extra and make sure my brakes work. And I had the Lavender/Sage hoodie with me, so I had all the time in the world to kill, right? 3 hours and $350 later, I was ready to go with about half a sleeve more than I came with, still craving bagels.

*This is a little more meandering from the story, but some guy in the waiting room and I had a lovely conversation. He said he hadn't seen anyone knit since his Grandma died 4 years ago, and what he missed most about her was the hand-knit sweaters she made him every year for Christmas. It's amazing how a sleeve in progress will make someone open up to a perfect stranger. I'm glad he did though, he was very nice. Even bought me a Coke! Back to regularly scheduled Bagel story*

I passed Panera on the way home, craving Einstein bagels like Whitney craves rocks, and then realized...they close at 4. It was 4.23. Poo. Since I had to pick up insulin for the dog, I figured I would go to Marsh and see what they had for bagels...and was a little surprised to find these.
Are they Emo bagels? Apparently not, they would have cut themselves if they were.

Came home, ate the bagel, and decided it was a lovely day to do a photo shoot with my new Smooshy from Saturday and my new Sheepytime yarn from Mandie. I have decided that because it is black and red and destined to be Bellatrix socks, it is evil. Here are some of the better ones from the photo shoot...

(There was another one with purple flowers and Smooshy but it keep vanishing from this section. If you see it hiding in a corner, shivering with fear, please let me know and I will come and pick it up.)

And finally: Buttons.** To the new readers: Miss Elphaba is my green Jeep, named after the Wicked Witch of the West because she really is that green. So now you know...

***I'd like to thank J for his concern about my bras being too tight. After wearing a new one all day, I have remembered how nice it is to inhale. And exhale. And inhale again.


Jack said...

Why was this supposedly offensive?

I always wanted a jeep.

and for my third and final random comment, Nice attempt on the doily double entendre.

Knit Wit said...

ooo ooo ooo I'm famous :) I totally forgot to take pictures of that yarn before I gave it to you (it just dried that day). I went to take pictures of all the blacks on Sunday and realized I was knitting one and had sold 2 already. So much for *all* the blacks..

Did I mention that part of the deal was that you had to tell everyone you know how awesome my yarn is?