Saturday, September 20, 2008


So, for those of you who missed the Thursday night petting, Peg gave me perhaps the most awesome going away present ever- her own handspun angora. It's amazing on so many levels... it may be too pretty to knit with. Until I decide what to do with it, it's in my guilty pleasures drawer (which also includes a godiva chocolate raspberry bar, cz crystals I have yet to bead, my own handspun merino/silk, some Mango Moon silk with beads on it, and a couple really bad romance novels that I don't need to world to know about) Here's a picture of the newest addition.
I also finished the pink baby hat and it is ready to head off to my distant relative as soon as my hair is dry and my brother finishes cleaning my Jeep (aren't grounded brothers the best? They're like indentured servants....but not) My mom also made a few burprags for the baby. She's an amazing seamstress, I'm crazy jealous of that. Here is the gift from the Sylvester Family!

So I will be off shortly to Joann ( and then to Janet's for a yarn-tastic day of food, fiber and football!

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