Saturday, February 21, 2009

And finally....the knitting

As you know, my knitting has been a bit of a catastophe lately, and I feel like I've been frogging more than I've actually been knitting (which is partially true). Anyhoo, I sat and looked at my stash last night so I could bring something to knit for the very long car ride to Stonehenge, Bath, and then back to Essex (about 10 hours total- rough). I have 2 skiens of gray koigu- how appropriate for Stonehenge- rock colored yarn! I also have a few pastel-y colors that would be very nice knitted in a lace pattern- very appropriate for a trip to see the town of Jane Austen. What did I grab? You guessed it- none of them. Instead I grabbed the alarmingly bright Shibui sock yarn I got forever ago and packed it. This morning in the car I casted on for a simple fan and feather sock (that pattern is like chicken soup for me- always makes me feel better, not sure why, but it's probably best not to question it). By the time I got to Stonehenge, I was working the heel flap, and by the time I got to Bath, I had a heel and was working on the gusset. I worked a little on the ride home but it got dark quickly and I was forced to just listen to my Ipod like a normal person (however do they JUST do that? I don't think I'll ever understand them!). So finally, the knitting pictures.
"Mr. Darcy" at the Jane Austen Centre. I always pictured Mr. Darcy...less excited about fuschia and lime knitwear. And younger. And Colin Firth. Minor details.


janet said...

Dude, that totally can't be Mr. Darcy. For all the reasons you said, and because he's not near snooty enough. He needs to be holding the fuchsia and lime sock out like it smells bad or something.

Jaclyn Bailey said...

I like your chicken soup socks.... On the rest of it... well I am jealous. That is all I have to say about that.