Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Making it Official

Okay. I've been putting this off since I started a "maybe" project back in November to use up all the sock yarn leftovers I've accumulated from my OCD sock knitting. So I'm making my new project official. Here is a mitred square blanket that is made of sock yarn scraps (mine and the Colchester girls') and I love it. I love that it doesn't match and the diagonals are going all different directions and somehow it works. I like to think it's a little like me in that aspect. A little crazy but gets the job done.
It's also serving as a memory blanket- kind of like the Lizard Ridge was supposed to be. I can tell you what project each square came from (if the yarn was mine to begin with) or who gave me their leftovers so I could add another square or two. I really like it, it's the perfect on-the-go project because I'm knitting a bunch of mitred square squares and then am going to mitred square them all together in the end, because I'm too lazy to sew seams and much too lazy to carry around a whole blanket when I go to SnB and plan on adding 2 -3 squares.

So here it is: my finally official project. I'm torn between 2 names, 1 British, 1 American. Since I've already got the poll going for new sock names (I'm sorry it's being finicky, give it another try if it didn't let you vote the first time you tried) I'd like for you guys to leave your favourite name for it in the comments below.Names so far:

"How to make an American Quilt" like the movie with Wynonna Rider and Maya Angelou
"Trafaglar Squares"

And I've already given up on Lent. I had a wonderful nap after class and am putting off essay writing by blogging. I kinda think being a non-smoking, barely drinking vegetarian is enough, ya know?


Jaclyn Bailey said...

I have no idea on a name.... but I have never seen the point of giving stuff up for lent. Maybe it is cause I am not Catholic. I dont make New Years resolutions either though....

paisley penguin said...

I vote for Trafalgar Squares although I own love the movie How to Make an American Quilt. :)

Jen said...

call it whatever you want...i love it and now want to make it!!