Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Friday!

So I'm feeling a little under the weather today (apparently so is the actual weather- it's dreadful here) but there are so many reasons to be happy, I don't care.

1. My prof said he liked my vampires paper. Score 1 for Paige.
2. Had lunch with Lucy, Nadia, and Caroline.
3. Knitted with Lucy, Nadia, and Caroline.
4. Bought yarn for swap (and a little for myself) off Lucy. Her colourways are amazing. There was a blue and yellow that was awesome. If it wasn't Michigan colours, I'd have it. No wolverines here!
5. My swap package is ready! Just needs shipped out. I went a wee bit over budget, but it was worth it.
6. It's Friday. You can't beat that.

So here are a few pictures to leave you with:
My new yarns from Lucy. The purple and white one is going to my Valentine's Day Single Swap partner. I really hope she likes it, it's beautiful. Since Lucy ( ) went through the trouble of bringing her big basket of hand-dyed yarns, I picked out a couple for myself. What? I'm helping out the economy! I went for my usual colours: green, purple, and a really cool redish/orange.
My swap package, going out tomorrow. I know I said I wouldn't share pics, but I couldn't help myself. I got my Valentine a pashmina in her favourite colors, Lucy's yarn in a DK weight and an awesome shade of purple, and chocolate. It's just not Valentine's Day without a little chocolate...

My latest knitted addition to the "Pash Stash" (my pashmina collection, don't judge. They're pretty. And were only a pound each!) It's a simple fan and feather lace pattern in Southwest Trading Company's beautiful Bamboo yarn. It took just over 1 skien. It's known on Ravelry as "Penny Lane."

Have an awesome weekend. I'm going to go finish that paper so I can write 5 more, and then get back to Twilight. I miss Edward already.

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Laurie said...

Ms. Paige...I am sooo jealous that you are in England! I have been peaking at your blog, since your Mum sent me the link. You MUST try to go to Timothy Richards art studio while you are in Bath, it's walking distance to the "Baths" and the Pump Room, which is a lovely place to have lunch. Please look at Timothy, he has a sculpture of Jane Austins home. If you want to email me direct, please do so, your Mum has my email. Wish I was there with you! Best, Laurie Thompson