Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crossed mojonations

So I have two distinct mojoes that refuse to cooperate, which is fine most of the time. They are the Bionic Student essay-writing mojo and of course, the knitting mojo. It's a Gemini thing: I wouldn't worry about it. They often cross where they aren't supposed to, or take each other's place at an inopportune time. This normally happens the night before a paper is due and I get the irresistible urge to knit a new sweater. To wear to class the next day. Something surprising and almost wonderful is going on right now: I'm barely knitting and writing essays at the speed of light (which still isn't going to be fast enough, I'm going to have to write at least 1 once I get home for break). That being said, I'm glad I'm getting the papers done with, but I had 4 projects I wanted to finish before I went home for break. 1 is a baby hat for my teacher....not a problem. Needs 2 hours of work. 2 and 3 are socks, and I could probably finish 1 pair and maybe throw the other pair in my violin case for the trip home. The 4th project, a lost cause at this point, is The Clash sweater. That will also go home over break and hopefully get finished there. Since I'm taking as much as I possibly can home over break, that means I'm only going to have enough yarn to make 3 pairs of socks in the summer term- which really isn't that long anyway. Plus the sock yarn blanket...and now I'm rambling.

Good news (for me at least)
I kicked ass on my Dracula paper. The teachers comments were as follows: "Not bad for a Yank".
11 days until I come home. 6 days until classes are out; I'm spending a few days in Stratford-upon-Avon first, which is another kind of awesome.
I went and saw the Three Shots Comedy Club perform last night, which I thought was pretty funny. Not for the feint of heart, weak of stomach, or the homophobic.
I'm 90% packed. And have been since Tuesday. I get excited...
I ordered some awesome roving from Lucy (Bearium on Ravelry) and am getting it on Monday.
I did laundry and went grocery shopping the other day so I now have food and clean clothes- yeah! Only a college student gets this excited over clean clothes and food.
I finished my first Soch Ness Monster. The bad news is that I have a hard time taking artsy pictures of my foot and the light isn't brilliant; but it's a sock nonetheless.
That's about it: I've got 4 books to finish and 8,000 words to write by Friday. I'm outta here!

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