Sunday, March 8, 2009


So after 2 days of wandering around Edinburgh looking for West Bow Street (and the yarn store that happens to be on that street) I finally asked the guys at the front desk if they knew where Bow street is. I was expecting them to tell me it's a good hour bus ride away but the one guy said, "oh- it's around the corner"...which I wasn't expecting. So, less than a minute later I was standing in front of K1 yarns- which didn't open for another hour. Whatever. Went to the museum, saw Dolly the sheep and some of the first knitted argyle (I love it here!) and then went to the Elephant Cafe, the cafe where JK Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books. So by this point, my day has been pretty flippin' awesome. Went to the yarnstore, asked if they had any local yarn, bought some local yarn and some beautiful Welsh cashmere in a beautiful but slightly intimidating laceweight, sat down to work on my monkey sock and looked up and holy crap- that's Ysolda Teague sitting across the table from me. I was honeslty startstruck- I couldn't speak. When I finally could it was something like this:

me: You're Ysolda?
Ysolda: yeah?
me: I love you.

For those non-knitters reading; Ysolda is a designer of all things sweatery and awesome. I have like all of her patterns and can't wait to start them. Now I really can't wait!

I got her picture with my sock, but didn't bring my camera cord, so I won't be able to show them off until after I finish my £$%^)£ feminism paper on Tuesday. But I also got pictures of the other knitters who were equally awesome, like the knitting doctor and her spinning husband, and the knitting EMT. I kinda feel like a dork for saying this, but that was very likely the highlight of my trip.

Since internet is expensive, I'll do a proper post once I get back, I just had to announce to the world: Ysolda held my sock.


paisley penguin said...

That is so awesome! It's so surreal when you meet a star IRL. Last night I was cleaning some stuff out of a box and came across an autograph on a map of New York city from 1988 when I ran in to Peter Cetera.

I can't wait to go to Edinborough and sit where JK sat too. :)

laurie said...

that is so cool---I know who ysolda teague is..i read her blog once in a while...

Jaclyn Bailey said...

Oh! I love Ysolda's work! It is all so beautiful! I am actually thinking about casting on the sock pattern she had in the fall winter 2008 Knit.1 magazine! Congrats on your rocking starstruck day!