Sunday, March 15, 2009

Homework for my readers....

So I've been snooping around Ravelry for a while, trying to figure out what to do with my single skien of Emerald Green Malabrigo in a worsted weight. (As if I needed yet another project!) I think it wants to be a hat, but I'm really finicky about hats...I've made many many hats and wear...0 of them. Maybe that will change after I get my nose fixed...we'll see...but I can't go another windy Purdue winter without a good hat!

Your assignment, dear readers, is to reach into your brain and think of all the cute hat patterns you've seen and leave the name of the pattern in the comments below. Or tell me that Emerald green Malabrigo is way too bright to be a hat on someone as pale as I am (which is half of the reason I haven't made the hat already). But anyhoo, I'd like your input very much! The person who points me in the direction of the winning pattern will get a Very British Blog Prize.

Some pointers for you guys that are about to go pattern searching:

1. I don't care if it's Dead or Alive, I'm not wearing a fish on my head.
2. I'm not huge on berets. You're still welcome to show me your awesome beret, but please please please don't cry if I don't pick it.
3. Nothing with I-Cord please!
4. You really want to come up with something, these Very British Blog Prizes are delicious!
5. If you know of something else to do with a single skien of Malabrigo that isn't a hat, you're welcome to show me that, too.



Jaclyn Bailey said...

This hat is cute:

So is this one:

Of course if you are feeling very silly crazy... you could make this:

You are welcome!

janet said...

Two hats I've been meaning to make:

And another thing that can be good in the keep-paige-warm arena, but not a hat:

(Or some other cowl, there are lots of good one-skein ones.)