Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scotland: the knitting

So I did manage to knit just about half a sock on my trip to Edinburgh, and I really like it. The sock isn't the big news of course, because you guys want to see my stashing experiences...right? I have a couple to share- all were pretty exciting. First I went to Jenners, which is like Saks 5th Avenue with a yarn department. While I was there I figured I'd go big or go home, right? 4 skiens of Rowan Kidsilk Haze and 2 skeins of Regia Sock yarn found their way into my shopping bag. I actually had a nice chat with the lady working there (hi Sandra!) about all things knitting...and even went back a couple days later to chat again. Didn't buy any yarn that time. I found K1 yarns on Sunday but I already posted about that. Bought 2 skiens of laceweight cashmere and 2 skiens of sock yarn, and then 3 mini-skiens of the Harry Potter Opal yarn in Ron, Hermione, and Tonks. They should go pretty well on my mitred square blanket. Lastly I made the mistake of walking by a John Lewis, which isn't quite as posh as Jenners, but is still pretty awesome. And of course- they had a Rowan display in the window. A look couldn't hurt, right? 3 skeins of Kaffe Fasset Colorscape later, I found Baaaarbara the sheep and she was so cute, she had to come home with me too. So that's the yarn updates, but I did get some yarn-related pictures at the Scottish Museum, which I think you guys might like, too.
My name is Paige, and I have a Rowan Problem. So does Baaaarbara the Sheep apparently.

Mary, Queen of SocksDolly the Sheep. Forever displayed standing in her own poo.The first knitted sock in space!The soch ness monsters are not impressed by your tartan weaving....:p!Scottish highland socks: not too shabby. Oh- Mandie! Are these the gloves you were talking about?This is just about as happy as I could ever possibly beYsolda and my sock- of course, the only blurry picture in the 2oo that I took on the whole trip!The knitting doctor of awesomeness and her spinning inventing hubby. I need to find a guy like that!


Jaclyn Bailey said...

Looks like you had a really awesome time! I love baaaarbara, she is so cute!

sandra said...

Hello Paige You seemed to have a great time when you came to Bonnie Scotland glad you gave me a mention .How are you and your f riend the socks are they finished?Look forward to hearing from you

Knit Wit said...

YES! those *are* the gloves I was talking about. Unbelievable aren't they? Super-tiny gauge.