Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shameless Stashing

So if you haven't figured it out already, my stash has been getting a lot bigger lately. I keep telling myself it's good to buy independent when I can (with Eric, and Mandie and Lucy) and good to get things that are local to the places I visit (Rowan, Fiberspace, etc) but it's getting a little out of control and only getting worse as I start packing to come home for Easter (next Wednesday! Woohoo!) but anyhoo...I stashed again. I asked Lucy to dye up some roving for me in a couple different colours a couple weeks ago before I went to Scotland...and then forgot about it until yesterday when I picked it up from when she drove to the new Monday morning knitting group. The roving is...amazing. I got 200 g of merino in the blue/green/yellow colourway and 200 g of BFL in a reddish semi-solid. http://thebeariumnecessities.blogspot.com/ I really miss my wheel! 8 days and I'll be back to my precious... are any of you Indy knitters interested in trying to put together a spin/knit in day?
I also FINALLY got my baby hat knitted for my Versions of Modernity teacher-and wrapped too! Here is Baaarbara modeling my hat...It's a very modified version of the Umbilical Cord hat from Stitch n Bitch with 2 strands of Regia Softy held doubled...it tickled my nose and made me sneeze the whole time I knitted with it but I'm really happy with how it came out! I'll drop it off tomorrow in the English office so I can get it off my desk.
I have also knitted the skin off of my left index finger from picking (not throwing) lace socks too tightly. (Try not to laugh too hard, it happens to the best of of us) The knitting group nearly killed me yesterday and I'm going to have to go back to my Clash sweater since it's the only sweater on needles big enough to not break the skin. I have actually been cross-stitching the past couple days while I can't knit comfortably, and I've forgotten how enjoyable it can be when there's no knots, perfect light, a cup of hot tea next to me and Ingrid Michaelson in the background. Needless to say, I won't be taking my cross-stitching to the Colchester SnB tonight, as none of those conditions will exist in a bar at 7:30. Plus my weekly G&T will NOT help me when counting and trying to remember the most effective way to do a french knot...I debated taking a picture of the cross-stitching for your amusement purposes, but it's a picture of 3 sheep, so there's a lot of white on white and it's hard to see on film. You'll just have to take my word for it.

The Malabrigo Mystery: I'm really liking the suggestions you guys are sending in! So far my favourite thing is the cowl: I had thought about making it a cowl a while ago before I talked myself out of it...I also am liking the beanies. Keep sending in suggestions- I won't declare a blog prize winner until I cast on (and then there may be another blog prize for the person who guesses what the pattern is after the first 10 rows or something). That means you're more than welcome to comment twice (or more!) with suggestions. Thanks so much to those who already have!
I really should *try* to get back to my colonialism paper, even though the weather is wonderful and perfect and beautiful and I really want to walk to town for an ice cream cone or something...Oh darn this beautiful weather and 3 more term papers! Don't you realize how difficult you're making things, beautiful sparkly sunshine?

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laurie said...

Cute baby hat. You'll be home next week in time for knit night?
have a great weekend and get your homework done:)