Thursday, March 5, 2009

Phone Conversation with Stansted Security

All of us knitters generally have common enemies: moths, velcro, cats, and airport security. I'm going to Scotland in less than 12 hours and I thought I'd make my call to security to see if Stansted airport has lifted the knitting needle ban yet (rumor has it that Heathrow has, so I figured it was worth a shot). My call went like this:

Me: Hi, may I please speak to someone from security?
Security Lady: (in a disgruntled voice) Yes?
Me: I was wondering if the knitting needle ban had been lifted yet? I'll be traveling and I don't want to pay 30 pounds to check my knitting, but I really can't go 4 days without it.
Me: Not even 2mm wooden 5 inch double pointed needles?
Me: Okay, but I can still take pens, pencils, scissors, pencil sharpers, and razors on board without question?
SL: Yes.

Dear UK Airport security,

You are a bunch of idiots.



paisley penguin said...

ROFLMAO - wow too bad you have to pay to check your dangerous implements that will have yards of yarn attached to it.

I can just picture you weilding your weapon of choice - ack!

In all seriousness, have a great trip!

Jaclyn Bailey said...

What about hair sticks? Did you ask about hair sticks? You could aways stick them in your hair and just pull them out to knit with on the plane... then if they say anything,insist that they are just hairsticks and you got desperate...

Paige Darling said...

I don't want to jinx it, but I think I figured out how to get them on board. I'm going to wear a cami with a shelf bra and hide them under my boobages to get through security! I really doubt they'll care that there's yarn in the bag since they won't be able to see the needles. It's an extra 30 pounds to check a bag so I'm taking an itty bitty bag but am leaving as much space open as possible- there are 4 yarn shops in Edinburgh! I'd rather spend that 30 pounds on yarn!