Monday, January 10, 2011

Project Porridge

Ever have one of those weeks where none of your projects seem to work for you? I'm not have lace issues or crazy-gauge or anything, I'm just not totally in love with any of my projects right now. Winter blues maybe. I have three projects (one cross-stitch, two crochet) which are uncomfortably close to completion, but I can't really be bothered to finish any of them. None of them seem just right- this knit is too heavy, this is too bland, this is too complicated, this is too blue. I have a knit-along coming up that starts on Saturday* but I haven't even been motivated enough to go out and buy the needles. I gave my mom a written description of what I need and have told her that if she wants the Pi shawl, then she needs to hit up the yarn store for me. I simply can't be bothered right now.

So here's a little list of things that I'm working on or have finished in the past couple weeks...

1. Comfort shawl. Thanks to Jaclyn for a proper definition of a prayer shawl (see comments of last post). I tried to finish (and wash) it by Saturday, which was the day of the funeral. That almost got done, but it's done now and hanging in my laundry room drying. I'll get pictures when the light is better.

2. Purple sparkly hat. Totally a Twilight pattern even though I'm not a Twi-hard. I just think that Alice Cullen is da bomb and I want a hat like hers. But purple. And sparkly. And a little bit different from the actual pattern. It's made from Kraemer Sterling and Silk sock yarn, held doubled on size 8 needles. It's way too big for my head but otherwise totally awesome and it will be going on to my etsy shop later in case you're interested...
3. Dooooooily. I am making one of those filet-crochet name doilies for my neighbor who feeds my kitties so I can go to drunken knitting night. When I told her back in October that I planned to make my mom a doily for her birthday, she led me on a doily tour through her home. I've been planning her doily ever since. I took this picture a few days ago and have managed a few more letters since then- this is one of those nearly-finished projects now.
4. The Christmas Tube! I finished this a while ago but only got the picture yesterday. My G-pa Darling is a little nuts and collects things like galvanized steel buckets and free yardsticks from the state fair and home shows. He's been joking (or is he joking?) about which of his children or grandchildren will get his yardstick collection when goes- and I figured that I'd put my name up a little higher on that list (because I totally need 27 yardsticks) by knitting him a yardstick cozy. I thought it was the best gift ever (if you knew him, you'd understand) but shortly before posting the yardstick cozy on my blog, I found out that he occasionally reads- so I held off. The yardstick holder was a very funny surprise Christmas morning and would have been the best handmade Christmas present ever....but he's totally allergic to it. Yup. Did not count on that mohair allergy.
5. Crazy-pants Awesome-sock. Need I say more?
6. Snuggle for homeless pets. Every once in a while I pull together tons of little oddballs and crochet them in to little beds for animals in shelters. I have quite the collection now and promise to actually take them to a shelter....after I finish this one. I'm really close though- I swear!

7. Handspun! This is my one super-happy project! It even spoke to me when I was working on it. Somewhere between the chunk of blue glitter and the crimson curl, it whispered "mittens...mittens! And a matching hat if there's leftovers!" and so the yarn has spoken. It's a crazy art-batt, and I'm really excited to see it when it's finished!
But until January 15th, I'm going to knit/crochet/cross-stitch furiously to finish as many projects as possible to start my Pi-shawl guilt free!

***IF you'd like to join in on the knit-along, we're doing it on Ravelry as part of the Alpaca With A Twist group. You'll need 2 skeins of Fino. The pattern is Firmaments by Bonnie Sennot but we won't kick you out if there's another pattern you prefer.

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