Monday, January 31, 2011

Under the Weather

So I've been pretty gross the past few days. It started nearly a week ago with a headache, but nothing a little aspirin can't fix, right? That was Wednesday and Thursday. I headed back from Thursday night knitting early and went to bed. Friday was spent on the couch moaning and sweating, drifting between waves of nausea and a ridiculously high fever. On Thursday evening, a couple of us had made plans to go to the Trading Post for a couple hours of knitting, and on Friday evening during a very hot bath my fever broke- so I was feeling pretty happy about that. Saturday morning came and I was a little achy and grouchy, but nothing those brave Thursday knitters haven't seen before so I took a couple Advil and went with it. Getting out of the house seemed like a good idea for an hour or two, when the headache got a lot worse and the sweating returned. I got home and went to bed. At 4 pm.

By Saturday my walk-it-off bug had turned into the bubonic plague, and I returned to the moaning couch with bad Saturday television, turned down very low so I could hear what was going on without disturbing the little gremlin in my brain that spent the last week beating on my temples with a gong. Saturday night I was convinced I was going to die, so I had a little cough medicine and suddenly it was Sunday morning, and things were a little better. I showered (and moaned because every single drop of water hurt my muscles which were obviously mad at me for something) and decided to try going to my Sunday knitting group with the help of my BFF Advil. I got there a little late, left a little early and the plague found me again within a few minutes of getting home. My neighbor lady (who happens to be a retired RN) and talked to me for a few minutes and told me that it sounded like Mono. I called and made a doctor's appointment first thing this morning, so here I sit, waiting for the call to tell me what the H is going on inside my head and throat.

So, on the positive note- things I learned from my weekend on the couch.

1. If you're planning on catching the plague, don't buy a curved couch. Laying in a crescent-shape starts to suck after a few hours.
2. Headaches and dark lace don't mix.
3. Headaches and socks don't mix.
4. Headaches and cat ownership don't mix.
5. If you are sick enough, you will eat Chicken and Noodle soup, despite being a vegetarian for 10 years (I did pick the chicken bits out but I'm still feeling really guilty about it).
6. I could have SARS and/or be bleeding out my eyeballs, but I will never be sick enough to try alka seltzer again. That is nasty.
7. I really need a dude who can throw me over his shoulder and take me to the doctor in the event that I am ever that sick again. I'll get on that when I stop sweating profusely and can stand in the shower long enough to wash my hair.

Here are some pictures of my weekend of very little fiber crafting... since it is a knitting blog and all.

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