Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolutions....I guess.

All across the blogosphere there's a lot of posting resolutions. I normally joke that I'm going to give up chain smoking and steak (I've never smoked in my life and I haven't touched meat in 10 years) but I'm going to try to come up with a few, knitting related or not.

1. Join something. Meet people doing it. Stay joined in that something.
2. Work on letting go of things...sometimes I get angry. Sometimes I stay angry. And then I get this knot in my shoulder that makes knitting uncomfortable.
3. Work on finishing things. This is everything from knitting projects to not being sidetracked while cleaning the kitchen. And books. And tubes of chap-stick.
4. Become a cleaner person (this is a repeat). Just to clarify, this means be tidier, not shower more. I don't stink. At least I think I don't stink.
5. Smile more. I'm getting frown-lines.
6. Be more creative. I'm not quite sure about my plan of attack on this one, but I think weaving is going to help me branch out and put things together that I normally wouldn't. Only time and warps will tell.

So now that's done... I've started the new year off well (I think) with resolution #3 and resolution #5. I really need to work on #2. Stupid rugby boy.

Let's start with the smile.... (New Year's Eve in Broadripple with BFF Frank)
And 2 finished things already! Last night I took my first scarf-thing off my new loom! And then about 20 minutes later, I finished a chemo cap! The scarf-thing is a little wider than I had intended to make it and not quite as long. I got progressively tighter throughout the weave, starting at 8 weft-threads per inch and ending at 13 weft-threads per inch. The yarn is mostly acrylic and pilled while I was working on it, and there's a mistake halfway through and the sides get tighter and looser throughout the whole thing. And you know what? I love it anyway. Because your first weaving isn't supposed to look perfect. I still need to wash it and trim the fringe so it's a consistent length, but since I was able to remove the loom from the living room floor, I'm calling it done for now. (Sorry for the sideways picture, the computer refuses to believe that it really needs to go the other way)
I also finished a chemo cap that was requested. It's my usual Socrates held doubled hat recipe, which I think works really well since it's a great yarn for hats and there's normally enough yarn leftover at the end for a few squares on my blanket. I think the pattern is called Claudia- it was really kind of a pain since you're doing itty-bitty cables with worsted weight yarn on size 4's, but after you get the little lattice-bit done you decrease a whole bunch and go up to 8's, and then you're done before you know it.
So that's my year so far...howabout you?

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