Saturday, January 15, 2011


I have a strange living situation. I live in my parents' house, but they actually live in Florida. They're home for the summer to make sure my brother doesn't get in to too much trouble, and they're here for the holidays, but normally it's just me, Tubby and Madeline, and various houseplants. I love living by myself- the house is quiet when I need it to be, the only smelly shoes all over the place are my own, and if I want a thousand knitting projects strewn about the house, there's nobody here to tell me to do otherwise. That being said, I kind of like having my mom here- she brings her cheetah-kitty, Lacie and she and Madeline play-wrestle all day, and there's normally food in the fridge. I also have someone to watch Castle with when she's here.

But anyhoo, she headed back South this morning. Within a few hours of her leaving, there was crochet in the kitchen, dyeing in the sink, resin in the laundry room and spinning in the living room. Plus the usual cross-stitch and five knitting projects that migrate back and forth from the office, the kitchen table, and my knitting basket.
The house is mine again- at least until we start showing it in a month or so. Then it turns in to a museum where nothing can be touched for fear of fingerprints and I have to Windex myself out every morning on my way to work. I hope this thing sells quickly. I think...


Jaclyn Bailey said...

Where are you going to live once it sells?

paisley penguin said...

Love Castle!!!!!