Tuesday, February 22, 2011

cloud 9, 10, and 11

Ever just have one of those days where nothing can go wrong and everything turns out a little better that usual? I'm on my third of those days in a row. Sunday started a little rough after a late Saturday night that involved 15 pounds of sausage, key lime cupcakes, lots of balloons and a little booze. But Sunday got a lot better when I got in the car to go to my awesome Sunday knitting group and GOT TO SIGN AUTOGRAPHS! I know it seems really silly, but it's a first for me so I was tickled pink when I got to sign not one but *three* magazines with my pattern in it! It was so fabulous.
I left knitting early for my cousin's going-away party (he left for Basic Training today- good luck Torey!) and worked on my chemo cap there a little bit once things were quieting down and I was getting twitchy from sitting without knitting. I got pretty far in to the hat and was able to finish it during Big Love. One project down, eleventy-billion to go.
Monday began with a text- no work. It's a holiday and my boss was out of town anyway. Always a great start to the day. I spent the day writing, napping, spinning, knitting and repotting plants that had outgrown the planter they came with. I also had to take a little trip to Walmart for another pot- the pot I had planned to use contained chives that I thought were dead but after bringing them inside to dump them, I realized that not only had they made it through the winter, they were already growing! Score one for the chives! Bought some groceries while I was there since keeping food in the house is not one of my strong suits. Had plantains sauteed in butter and brown sugar for desert and then sat down to watch my Monday shows, Being Human and Castle. I seriously want to be the Queen of Rick Castle. Grrr.... But the awesome doesn't stop there!
I finished TWO projects during my shows! I finished plying some llama that's been an on-again-off-again project for 2 years and gave it a bath and then kept on going with the scarf I started for the neighbor girl as payment for cat-sitting. Boom! Finished that too! I threw that in the wash and it had a little knot or something come untied and unravel a bit, but that was a real easy fix. Since I was knit-invincible, I figured I'd cast on for the Fino knit-along I abandoned last month and poof- was 40 rows in. I must have gotten in the groove or something- I had no idea I could knit that quickly. So here are my finished things and my new circular shawl-my pictures aren't great- it was kind of overcast today and getting dark when I got home but here's the gist of it.
Today started a little earlier than I would have liked- I had a doctor's appointment before work. I'll spare you the details, but something's been a little off and I had some tests run last week. My blood tests came back absolutely perfect. This is the first time since I can remember that they haven't come back to say that I'm super anemic and should really consider giving up this vegetarian shenanigans and eat a steak. So boo yah, wimpy blood. I am not anemic right now and I feel fabulous! After that I went to work and had a super-productive day with my awesome not-anemic blood and had an awesome lunch while reading my awesome book and heard an awesome new song on the radio and then remembered that Glee is on tonight and that's really awesome too. Now I'm going to go have some awesome dinner and hit the treadmill. Make it a great day, readers!

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