Saturday, February 26, 2011

epic lace fail

Today is one of those "why am I a knitter again?" days. I've been crazy-busy this week and haven't really touched my knitting in a few days and was very excited to knitting with the Zionsville group this morning. But I had a little surprise visitor last night- my brother came home from school which means there will be no sleeping until he leaves Monday morning as our sleep cycles are the exact opposite. I went to bed last night and had to listen to screams and gurgles of blood all night as he watched the Saw movies very loudly in the living room. I can't wait to move out and have a place where he can't come crash for the weekend.
Today got up and went knitting. Found cat pee on the floor. I've been blaming Madeline for the past few "accidents" but caught Tubby Custard in the act the other day. Can't decide if Tubby is senile or angry. I don't really care- I just don't want to clean up cat pee first thing in the morning. Or at all really. Anyhoo, went to knitting. Knitted a lot on my Queen Anne's Lace. Made it to row 72. Realized I've been knitting it wrong since row 23. Will be frogging it tomorrow and starting again, making this knit-along, take 3. I'm just embarrassed at how badly I've blown this. It's like the Yarn Harlot says, "experienced knitters don't make fewer mistakes, they just make bigger mistakes faster." The chart shows every other row (1,3,5,7,etc) until row 23, at which point it kinda just does what it wants, skipping a plain row here, adding an extra repeat there. I wasn't really paying attention because hey- it's a chart, how hard can it be, right? I kept doing the chart row, plain row system and now while my stitch count is perfect, my row count is far from it and I'm afraid that's something that no amount of blocking will hide. Bought some Dream in Color Classy (colorway Wisterious) because I was angry. It will be a hat. Really wanted to buy 10 skeins of Kureyon in a fabulous new color I'd never seen before but was somehow able to restrain myself.
I've got a million things to do tonight but I'm going to try to catch a couple hours of sleep before the Saw marathon resumes.

***Little reminder- you have until March 1st to try to leave a comment guessing what is in my garden. There's one prize for a knitter that wins and there's another prize for a non-knitter, because you never know who is reading.


laurie said...

OK- I have a question about your garden plants>is there a different plant in each pot? Can it be veg or flower or both?

Paige Darling said...


There's only one sort of plant, but there are two varieties of it. I wouldn't call it a vegetable or a flower though...hope that helps!