Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From actual fever to cabin fever

It's day 2 of winter storm insanity, and day six of being stuck in the house with 2 fussy cats, one of which will not stop bringing me her mousies to play fetch again and again and again. It's only cute for a couple hours, okay Madeline?

So while I'm actually feeling okay to go to work again thanks to those miracle antibiotics- turns out it was just a really nasty case of strep- I always thought there was a point/age when you just stopped getting strep, like there's an age when you just stop peeing your pants...before the age that you start your pants again of course. I guess not. I firmly believe that strep sucks a lot more as a 22 year old than it did as a 12 year old though. But anyhoo, even though I think I'm ready to go back, there is no way of actually getting to work. The Midwest has spent the past 2 days getting pounded with layers of snow and ice and it has turned my neighborhood in to the Himalayas. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration- or is it?
*View from my back door, the small bowl you see at the bottom is the bowl I keep out for the unloved kitties next door, the table and chairs in the distance are actually bar stools/tables and are actually up fairly high- I'm not angling my camera funny to give the snow drifts more credit than they've earned.

So in dealing with the cabin fever (since there's no actual fever as of yesterday morning) I've watered all of the house plants several times, rearranged some furniture, moved it all back, written a few partial articles, contacted several knitting related publications about selling these articles, made a fort in the living room, vacuumed the main floor, watched daytime television (that was scary) and naturally, done lots of knitting and spinning including the starting of one new spinning project and one new knitting project. I did stop myself from starting a crochet project while I was at it since I started one of those a couple weeks ago and haven't touched it since.


1. Farrow rib socks. Haven't touched those in a few days. Should probably try to finish them so they can leave my kitchen table forever. I really hate ribbing on socks.

2. Green Silken Beaded BEAST. I actually added 4 lace repeats, but you can't really tell unless you study the pictures from the last post. I need to start placing markers in to prove progress or this could be a few weeks of really boring blogging coming up. The shawl is Photosynthesis by Emily Wessel, and like many triangular shawls, it's a series of several charts.
You work the set-up chart once (naturally) and then work the subsequent chart 10/14/16 times to be the bulk of the shawl. Since I have done this 16 times and have nearly 1000 yards left of green silk laceweight, I figured I'd do a few more. As long as I have an even number, it shouldn't mess with the pattern, only test my sanity. I think that last time I knitted this shawl, I decided 22 repeats was ideal. I might as well for that again, but maybe I'll do 24. Depends on how long this storm lasts I guess.

Then you move on the transition chart, which only happens once thank goodness. Then you move on to a much bigger chart, which happens 2/3 times but I might throw it in four times- depending on how my yardage is looking at that point. Then you move on to the 18 rows of border stitches, which happens once and then on to a very time (and yarn) consuming bind off.

3. Cabin Fever Sweater. Pattern is called $5 in Paris, they're all over Ravelry. I an untangling a giant rayon knot that has formed over 5 years of neglect (since I last touched this yarn) and unraveling nearly finished sweater that it currently is. In case you were curious, I had only to finish the sleeves and assemble it. But then again, I'm not the same size as I was 5 years ago, so finishing it would actually be quite pointless. Plus I need a sweater to go with my Jeggings.
Yarn is Patons Katrina, which is an extremely sproingy rayon/polyester blend that would ordinarily make me gag a little, but I'm kind of loving it. And the fact that once I finish it, I can have my favorite Kate Spade uberbag back for non-knitting purposes.

4. Handspun! I finished the llama handspun which I have been spinning on-again-off-again like a bad boyfriend for 2 years now, but I'm going to let the twist set for a few days before I ply it. I also spun some more of my Spunky Eclectic from Christmas a couple years ago, but once again, letting the twist set. Plus my wheel is busy again with a Crosspatch Creation roving from the Trading Post. It's the same bag that I carry around the store for an hour every time I go there before I decide I don't need more fiber. I really didn't need more fiber this time, but it was 20% off.
So that's it- back to writing/knitting/polishing the cat.

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