Monday, February 7, 2011

Things that are Awesome

Just a quick little post today. After a very big day of Super(bowl) knitting, I have a little progress to show on my two main projects right now! I'm sorry for the not so hot pictures, I took them in the murky light this morning before work and planned to take more this evening, but used up all the daylight sitting in the vet's office.

So...first things first- my Valentine's Day socks! They're not even remotely Valentines-y, and that's how this bitter knitter likes it. I worked on them furiously through the Superbowl and was able to kitchener during the Zombie dance on Glee. I wanted to go to bed (still not 100% back from my strep) but casted on the second sock immediately so I wouldn't put it off for months and months. It's a little bigger now since it was my waiting room sock this evening.
Secondly- the shawl. If you look closely and know what you're supposed to be looking for, you'll see that the leaves are getting bigger! Have I made it to the fourth chart? Or am I just holding the camera closer to the ends to play tricks on you?
And lastly but so not least-ly, I made a pair of socks! I actually made them in July, but had to keep them super secret until now because....drumroll please.....
They're my first pattern published in a magazine! They spelled my name right and everything! It's the March issue of Creative Knitting magazine and I'm thrilled with how they made my socks look! The model even looks all happy to be wearing them and everything. I was so happy to get this in the mail on Saturday that I...just kept doing yarny things, but with more confidence.
And that's a wrap (and turn). Have a great day and knit on!

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