Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just go with it

I'm trying very hard to keep chugging along on my current projects- especially socks and my lace shawl (because that now has a deadline). But sometimes you're digging through your stash trying to find one of the dozens of sets of size 7 dpns that you own and can never find, and you see a skein and a half of green Lion Brand Cotton-Ease and you decide that right now, you need to make a scarf for the neighbor girl from this exact yarn because you promised her one back in November. Since I was there I grabbed a few yards of a few other colors (I'm trying to be more creative with my weaving) and suddenly I was warping across the kitchen. And then I'm dressing the loom. And then I realized I'm doing this part backwards and try to be all sly and just pull it through the heddles. And then I get a really big knot, swore a little and went hang out with friends and have a couple hard ciders while thinking about whether this green cotton is worth trying to untangle, or if I should cut it off the loom and throw it away.

And then after 2 episodes of Six Feet Under, I had this.
I'm so in love. It's cotton, it's cascade 220, it's some berroco shiny yarn, it's awesome. And I totally made the warp long enough for 2 scarves so I can have one too. I'm even marking it every foot so I know when I hit 5 feet and can start the second scarf without ever taking it off the loom.
Sometimes when you get the urge to start something new, you just have to go with it.


Anonymous said...

pretty colors..

Anonymous said...

oh, forgot it didn't tell you who I am..