Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stuck again...

I finally got the ice to break up enough to get the Yukon out on Friday for an afternoon of work. probably wasn't quite ready to go back- I got really tired after a couple hours back in the warehouse. That being said, it was nice to get out of the house. Iwent back home Friday night thinking I'd do a quick turnaround and go meet some friends, but that didn't work. I ended up knitting in front of the tv and calling it a night early.

I woke up today with a to-do list and saw that winter wasn't over with- another few inches of snow had fallen on the six inches of ice. The bank and Joann Fabrics will have to wait. Luckily my brother came home from school last night, and his truck can get through anything. I ended up using it running to the vet when Madeline started acting funny and bleeding in strange places. This cat will be the death of me.

I'm mainly chugging along on just a couple projects while I try to get things finished. My Sunday knitting group has pledged to knit 12 pairs of socks this year (ideally a pair a month) and since Jo's socks took much longer than I predicted, I'm already running a little behind. We've also committed to a quarterly challenge- this is different for every crafter in the group. My first challenge was to knit a sweater on size 4 needles in 3 months. I'm a little too ADD for it and it's been stuck in the naughty corner while I changed my goal to finishing the green silk shawl with beads. I explained in the last post how the repeats work, and I'm on 21/22 for the main section of the shawl. I'm not going to make it to 24 repeats- I desperately need to move on to something more exciting. Here it is as of Thursday ( I think). I've put in quite a bit of time on it, but you really can't tell. It's moving very very slowly.
Here is the newest sock, the first sock of my second pair of the year. (My first pair is one Farrow sock and one pooled orange/purple sock. Who said they had to match?) Yarn is Berocco Sox Metallic, it's from a trip to Florida several years ago, and I adore it so far. I knitted a large chunk of it on the treadmill yesterday.
And finally the Pi Shawl. I joined a Pi shawl knit-along on Ravelry and I'm hardly enchanted with it. I was really in love with it until I started the second chart, which has tons of YO's and twisted stitches, and 6 rows in I was over it. I've frogged it and will be starting something shiny and new when I finish a couple other projects.
Wow this post was boring. I really need to leave the house.

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