Thursday, December 8, 2011


Most of the time I quite enjoy being single. I'm not obligated to go spend time with someone else's family at get-togethers, it's at least half the price when it's just me doing something, nobody can tell me that I knit too much, and I'm the reigning queen over the remote control.

The Holidays do not fall in to that "most of the time" category. The Holidays are the time that you spend with loved ones, laughing and drinking that disgusting eggnog crap and just being all around merry. And as a veteran Holiday singleton (this will be my 6th in a row and 22nd total), this reliable source can tell you that Holidays when you are single suck pretty hard.

The Holidays force you to listen to your friends bitch about how they don't know what to get their significant others and they can't decide whose family they will spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with. The Holidays force you to lose sight of your good qualities (I have nice ankles and bake well) and start to see why you're single- why would anyone ever want to date a warehouse girl with 2 cats, too much yarn, and hair that is a complete mess most of the time?

And that's probably why I was really really excited to have a friend set me up with a date that should have been this coming weekend. I figured out how to make my hair look cute despite it's awkward length while I try to grow it out, bought new stiletto boots, and had even picked out my outfit for that evening. And then he changed his mind. I tried to shake it off and work on a hat for a friend, with then before I knew it I was in the shower, sobbing at the idea of yet another New Year's Eve, watching the ball drop, totally alone. I hate the Holidays.

Anyhow, here's a hat, blocking on a partially deflated soccer ball.


Bonnie said...

You are delightful and he is a fool to have missed the date with you. I'm sorry this time of year feels crappy. You create wonderful things, and your job is something many, many knitters would love to have. (You get to pet yarn at work!!) I hope the malaise passes soon. I do recommend gingerbread men from Trader Joe's.

Kim said...

Assuming I don't have to work at 6 am on the first (in which case I will be sound asleep when that ball drops) we'll do something.