Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tangerine Guacamole and Similar Regrets

It's been a busy week in the Paige, Madeline and Tubby Custard household. Since my split with Bam Bam and my season off of rugby, I've been a little...hermity. This week was a fantastic break from that, and all things considered still highly productive.

Tuesday I went to see the first 7 minutes of next summer's Batman movie with Meghann's husband AND IT WAS AWESOME. That's about it for that.

Thursday I joined Jessica at Zumba and while I couldn't move for 3 days, IT WAS AWESOME.

Friday I signed up for a rather impromptu sewing class on Mass Ave called at a quilting shop called Crimson Tate. I haven't sewn since high school (pj pants and an embroidered pillow- oh yeah) but I was really pleased with how my Christmas stocking turned out. I got there early and got started early and then finished in time to start another stocking before meeting my friend to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Robert Downey Jr. and I are going to get married, but more on that later. Here is the completed first stocking, and it might be a while before it has a twin- my sewing machine fell in to a coma as I was finishing the top and it needs to go and get itself fixed. Here's a fun fact: Rowan also makes fabric, and it turns out that I am a fabric snob too. Madeline disapproves of my fabric selection.
(do you like my buttons? I couldn't decide which to use so I used both!)
Saturday came and I put on my wonderful Christmas sweater (bought at Goodwill, embellished with stash) and headed downtown to the Hoydens officer election Christmas party. I had a great time and a couple G&T's and found some awkward pictures on facebook this morning.
This morning I met with a knitter who called me yesterday in desperation because she had promised her grandson a knitted hat for Christmas and either couldn't make it or didn't want to make it (her story kept changing). She had bought yarn to match his coat in gross acrylic in the shades "Tangerine" and "Guacamole". Naturally, he wants a stocking cap, which takes effing-forever and she only thought to ask for help exactly one week before Christmas. She also thinks that because she paid for the yarn, then I should knit it for free, because really- it surely won't take more than a few minutes? I'm good- but I'm not that good. She thinks $20 or anything over that (for something that is going to take me around 10 hours) is waaaaaay too much money. I was quite offended when she insinuated that my time is worth less than $2 an hour and that I should just make the hat in the holiday spirit (see two posts ago for my feelings on holiday spirit). But in order to leave and get her to stop complaining about how "expensive" my services are, I said I'd see what I can do. Seriously-why do I do this to myself?! I should have left and told her that I've got my own darn presents to finish and her poor planning is not my emergency, but that would require my growing a backbone which I don't see happening any time soon. ARG! I hate people sometimes. Here's the damn hat- or at least the start of it.
And while I'm ranting, something else that bothers me. See something funny about this key? Yep- two colors, one symbol. I just wish I knew which was which since I've done one color of red on the main house and am using the other red (before I realized the key mistake) on the upper houses and as the border. It should turn out okay- but denial is more than a river in Egypt.


Bonnie said...

The stocking is beautiful. The woman who wants a hat is a jerk.

laurie said...

That's the best Christmas sweater evvver! Stocking is pretty. Learn to say no:)
have a good holiday!