Saturday, December 24, 2011

T'was the Day before Christmas

And there the knitter Paige sat,
smugly weaving in ends on a hat,
wishing the ornaments would knit themselves,
or wondering is Santa would loan out his elves.
The stockings were finished last night by machine,
Paige's big mistake making her furiously green.
Enough of this rhyming crap Paige said,
and she picked up some eye-lash, first green and then red.

The Christmas spirit in finally starting to arrive with only about 15 hours to spare.

At work we took off yesterday afternoon and I dasher-ed home and prancer-ed over to my knitting basket. Okay, enough of that too. In short, by the time I would normally be leaving work, I was home and weaving in the ends on my little bro's Sigma Nu hat. The pictures are terrible, but I'm terribly pleased with the end result. I don't have time to block it, but I'll explain that if he wants it a smidge bigger, I can make that happen. It fits my dad perfectly, so I think it will fit Clay pretty well. Hopefully I'll get a good picture on Clay's head. I did make my mom a gift too, but there's a slight chance she'll check in on my Christmas crafting before she unwraps her present, so you're going to have to wait to see it too.
I dug out my mom's sewing machine last night (I had forgotten that she brought it back here instead of leaving it in Florida) and finished my second stocking with everything going so smoothly. I kept waiting for the catch and finally found it after I sewed on the button- the button-hole and button are on the wrong side! I guess my stockings will have to face each other instead of spooning. Oh well- at least I didn't forget to put in the middle part of the stocking or sew the top on wrong-side out, so I'm fine with mis-matching button application. I touched up a couple loose bits on the first stocking too since I had the machine out. All and all, I'm pleased.
I have my cross-stitching sitting next to the computer, which happens to be the best-lit room in the house. This also means that every time I check facebook, ravelry or blogs, then I am reminded that I'd much rather be cross-stitching and listening to my audiobook than working on yet another fun-fur ornament, but I've only got one day of this fuzzy logic left so the cross-stitching will just have to be patient. Okay, it will have to be patient while I finish up 16 more laceweight flowers for work, but that's a different story. At least my cross-stitching has company in my new sheepy from Kenya, a Christmas gift from Jennifer. It's adorable and I love it!
And finally, a quick picture of the ornaments. I'd like to give away 3 sets of 4 and 1 set of 2 (they already got 2 last Sunday) which means I've got 4 more ornaments to make today and only enough eyelash for 2 of them. So that means the first 2 ornaments are going to go crazy-fast and the others will have to go back to sock yarn- probably with beads because I am a procrastinating masochist.
And that's all for now. I have a couple more things I'd like to wrap up before the new year, but I'm doubting that they're going to happen. Considering where I was in the project-count this time last year, I'm okay with my 10-ish WIPS instead of last year's 87.

Happy Holidays to all and to all a great day!

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