Monday, December 5, 2011

A Weekend's Work

Thanks to Outlander, I had a very crafty weekend. Unfortunately, none of it was Holiday crafting. I've only got 4 hours left in my audiobook (before I get the next 5 of them from my friend David) but I'm telling myself that the end of the audiobook means the end of cross stitching until a significant chunk of my holiday knitting is done andbound off.

I really have no idea what is so dark addictive about this little farm sampler. But I'm a little sad that I need to put it down- a far cry from the 5 year itty-bitty cross stitching I finished earlier this year. I think I'm finally at a point where every little thing (and there's lots of them) makes a difference and I can't wait to see how it will look an hour from now. There's something so satisfying with getting a tree done, and then a fence, and then oh look- a little hat! There's going to be a little person under there in about half an hour!
I know that me making little X-s on pre-made fabric is not the most riveting blogging, so I'll move on for a bit.

I didn't really work on my wonderful blanket this weekend in the ususal sense- I did spend much of Saturday afternoon dyeing up new colors to add to it in addition to the new handspun colors. I worked 4 more circles in to it, but that's not really blogworthy. I am quite pleased with my dyed yarns though- so I'll brag on those.

*Dyers: I know they're not fabulous but I'm really new to this stuff so be gentle!
From left to right: Gross Celery- aka- Original color, Super dark purple, much lighter purple that was dye-pot leftovers from the previous purple, Super dark teal, royal blue handspun shetland, and a strange Avacado green.

I love most of them, but I've already got a purple that's so similar to the darker one, I probably won't be adding this to the mix. But that yarn (until Saturday) had been a gross farm wool that had been a nasty shade of yellow that just looked like dirty sheep to me. With exception of the royal blue shetland, all of these colors had been the celery green that you see on the far left.

And moving the hat. I made this for work and finished up last night. I quite like it- but we'll see.
And finally, the Magic Octopus socks have been reduced to purse knitting, where they will be lucky to see an inch a week. I'm still a little determined to have them finished for Christmas. And mittens. And 60 circles attached to my blanket. Oh yeah, and tons of Christmas knitting too. I wonder who could arrange for me to sneak
in an extra month before Christmas?

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Bonnie said...

If you do figure out how to sneak an extra month in, please let me know.