Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little Victories

I know that since only 3 days remain before Christmas I should be more concerned with Monumentous Achievements over Little Victories, but a win is a win, and I'm thrilled with any of those at the moment.

Last night I finished the Tangerine Guacamole Regret Cap, and dropped it off this evening on my way home from work. A little cha-ching always helps around the holidays, even if it was pimpin' out my knitting hands for 1/4 of minimum wage. My ego and right index finger will recover eventually. I did get a quick picture of the hat before I took it to it's new home. Please be gentle- I am neither a morning person nor a hat person and it shows here. And I should probably be wearing lipstick.
That's one of my bigger victories this week- a stocking cap in 3 days (day 2 felt a cold coming on and knitted for 20 minutes before going to bed and sleeping for nearly 12 hours).

My (hopefully) last holiday knitting project is broken up in to "Little Victories". Today's Little Victories included starting my brother's hat, finishing the ribbing of said hat, and getting through the first of 3 fair-isle charts- all of which I made up the other day so that he has a custom Sigma Nu hat in Purdue colors. It's my second fair-isle project (which in itself is another little victory) and my first project with more than 2 colors. Here it is a couple minutes ago, after the first round of the second chart.
Stay tuned for more Frat Hat and to see if I actually get in to the Christmas spirit this year. But don't hold your breath for the second one.


Kim said...

I'm not really in the Christmas spirit this year either. The weather certainly isn't helping.

Bonnie said...

The stocking cap looks great! Good work. I'm impressed by the Purdue hat. I hope it goes quickly.